Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween and Way Back When-esday

Halloween 2009 (Dorothy and the 2 scarecrows)

We have a lot of Halloween celebrations this year.  One of the positives about getting laid off, is that I can now go to all these things at night with the kids.  We have a town Halloween night tomorrow, a Halloween party for Michael's school Friday, a Halloween party Sunday for my twins' group, and then of course it's Halloween Monday!  Last year was our first year being able to enjoy trick or treating with the kids.  Michael's first Halloween I had gotten put on bed rest 2 days earlier, and then the twin's first Halloween, we attended my sister's wedding.

I have at least attempted to make part of our costumes.  This is year no exception.  I have to admit that I am not taking as much time as I probably should.  Part of it is because they are costumes for not quite 3 year olds and a 2 1/2 year old, and part of it is because I procrastinated thinking that I had more time than I did, and now I think things will be worse if I stress about making the costumes perfect!  They will look good, but will definitely have short cuts.  As much I like crafting and creating, I don't know that I like sewing clothes.  I like sewing in general, but clothing is not my favorite.

I am almost done with the boys costume, and I need to complete (for the most part) Eva Rose's costume.  Hopefully by bedtime, I will have finished all the costumes and will only have to hem Eva Rose's costume tomorrow after she tries it on.  The boys' costumes are a little big, kind of on purpose to accommodate warm clothes.  Hopefully Eva Rose's costume will fit well enough.

Here's a sneak peak.



  1. Bravo to you for making the costumes. I don't think this is your Wishcasting Blog. If not, can you tell me which blog it is?

  2. The costume is looking good!
    My mom always made us costumes when I was growing up, and (strangely) that's something that intimidates me when I think about having kids of my own. Will I be required to sew??? =)