Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pre-School Parent/Teacher Conference

We had Michael's first parent/teacher conference about 2 weeks ago and for the most part it was all good.  Behavior wise, Michael is doing excellent.  Given his fairly severe speech delay, his frustration level is at a pretty good level, but speaking of his speech, he is definitely delayed and I don't know why.  I think the only thing that bothered me about the conference is that when we asked the teacher about about fears of autism, the only thing she could say was that she didn't feel that he was on the spectrum given his ability to be comfortable sitting in her lap and being affectionate.  That was a good sign, but the fact that teachers are not allowed to give their opinion about testing because it may cause issues with parents really frustrates me.  I mean, these are professionals, who in our case, spend 5 hours a day 5 days a week with my son.  I am not frustrated with the teacher, but the system.  Michael's teacher is wonderful.  She is sweet and kind and motherly and I feel very comfortable with her as his teacher.  I just wish I could get a sense if we need to do more.

I have a feeling that going gluten and dairy free is a really good step.  I hate that we have to do this and we were really bad over the holiday, but we are now back on track and no gluten or dairy for Michael (so to be me too).  I really do think that it makes a difference!  It sucks, but I do think it helps!  The other issue that got brought up at the conference (by his teacher), is wether or not to get Michael tested for diabetes.  I am hoping that this isn't an issue.  Michael seems to drink a ton and then pees a ton to the point of having multiple accidents.  It kinds of makes sense that if he drinks a lot then he will pee a lot, but it is the drinking of fluids that makes me wonder, though I have to say, sometimes limit setting helps and his accidents are getting better.  He has even slept with underwear on for the last 2 nights and the first night woke twice to pee, and then last night didn't soak himself.  Maybe going gluten free and dairy free will really help with just more than digestive issues!

The twins are being evaluated for further needs in the school system.  They are going to be 3 in just under 2 months.  I can't believe that I have an almost 4 year old and almost 3 year old twins.  Eva Rose has been in early intervention since the beginning of the fall for a speech delay and has improved immensely (which is another reason I am increasingly concerned with Michael's delay).  She went from barely putting 2 words together and dropping the endings of words  to the point of not understanding what she is saying, to still dropping the endings of words but putting more than 2 words together.  There are still often times that I don't understand her and at 3 I probably should understand almost everything that is said. Thomas just amazes me with his vocabulary! That being said, when I look at friends kids I can't help but compare and still think my kids are behind, but maybe not. Then there are those people in your life who try to tell you that your kids are very behind and that they should be doing certain things, but in reality maybe those people are over estimating kids development.

It will be interesting to see how the kids further develop. Will Michael all of a sudden come out and just start talking? Is there more to his delay? Do Thomas and Eva Rose need more help with their expressive and receptive communication? Only time will tell and will see how things go!



  1. Let me preface this by saying that my opinion is that of a mother of two children; a ("typical") 5yr. old daughter and an 8 yr. old son diagnosed with Autism. It can't hurt to have an evaluation done outside of the school system. There are Developmental Pediatricians and even centers that can assess your son's weaknesses as well as his strengths. By getting a comprehensive assessment perhaps your concerns will be alleviated or you can utilize the results in strengthening services and supports (if necessary) for him at school and in the community. There are some great resources in the area - that specialize in Autism as well as other delays (including speech) and can hook you and your son up with what he needs. The Ladder's Program, The Center for Children with Special Needs/Tufts, Boston Children's Hospital - Developmental Clinic - just to name a few.

    I wish you luck and peace of mind as you walk the path of parenthood. Our children truly are blessings and everyday miracles!

  2. Thank you Anonymous. We probably should have him evaluated, like you said just to find out what is going on and assess his strengths and weaknesses. I will definitely look into some of the things you mentioned and talk to my husband about this. I really appreciate your thoughts and comments on my post. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Amy, It really won't hurt to have him professionaly evaluated (other than it can be pricey if insurance doesn't cover it). It will either put your concerns to rest or give you great advice for moving forward. We had a full neuro and physciological evaluation for my second oldest, just last year for some reading issues and the diagnosis was so helpful. He can now get the help he needs at school, and I know how to better deal with his issues at home. Plus because it was a comprehensive neuro- physc evaluation it found all of his strengths as well. We found out he actually had a much higher than average IQ and is gifted in many ways. Often there is long waitlist to have the initial consult- I think at children's it was well over 6 months once the paper work was turned in, so just something to consider! Good luck

  4. Just wondering- what does your pediatrician think of all of this? Can s/he do anything to help with further testing and getting you more information about Michael's delays and needs for support?