Monday, March 26, 2012


I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment to have Michael evaluated to see if there is more to his speech delay.  I am hoping that I am just being overly worried and that they will say that he is just behind and will catch up.  At this point, I do think there is more to his speech delay and since he is four, I want to have him evaluated so that he can receive more services if he needs them.  The irony is that my husband was the one who was initially concerned, and now that his fears are alleviated somewhat, mine have increased.  My husband is a teacher and has seen kids with autism, I don't really have experience with childhood development.  If you were to ask me about dementia related issues, I could probably tease that out and see a lot of warning signs, but not childhood developmental issues.  For example, I definitely picked up on the fact that my grandmother was showing signs of dementia long before I was told that she was actually diagnosed with it.  My background is in nursing homes and geriatrics so I definitely fee comfortable with watching for those signs, not things like autism.  Do I think that he has autism?  Honestly, I don't think he does, but I am starting to realize that there are some really mild forms of autism or PDD NOS that some people wouldn't even diagnose as PDD NOS.  I do think that there is more to his speech delay, but I don't know what.  I guess that is why he is being evaluated.  I know that he will be evaluated by a pediatric neurologist from MGH and that the evaluation will be play oriented, but that is all.  I am looking forward to having this evaluation so that I am no longer worrying if there is an issue.  I am concerned that there is an issue, but at least knowing that there is an issue will be better than wondering.  Once I know if there is an issue I can hopefully learn what else I can do for Michael and what other services he is entitled to.

It's going to be a long couple of months til May 15th, but I am so happy that it is only a month and a half until the evaluation.  I have heard that it can take up to 6 months to get an appointment so I am happy.  I am also happy that we are meeting with the doctor 1 week later to discuss the results!



  1. Good luck with Michael’s evaluation! As someone who has walked in your shoes... Keep positive and remember that no matter what the result is – you are not alone! If your hunch is right - if it is autism, PDD/NOS or some other diagnosis – it is not going to change who he is!!!!! He is still an amazing, adorable little boy! Rather – you will be more equipped to advocate (more effectively) for him and access supports and services he might need!

    1. Thank you for this comment. I really needed it!