Monday, August 10, 2009

Out to Dinner

So we ventured out to the 99 restaurant with all 3 kids and my brother in law. Scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We decided that it was time to by a 2nd chair style high chair especially since we were attempting dinner with all 3 kids. Things were going ok til just before we were leaving (literally). I had all 3 kids on my lap screaming as Tom was putting the chair together. I kept thinking. "Why were we going to put ourselves through this? We should just stay home and probably never venture into a restaurant for a very long time!" But, we decided to attempt the restaurant. The twins were fed peas and a bottle before we left and we brought the rest of their bottle with us. Getting all 3 kids into the restaurant with all the equipment was tough, but with 3 afults, doable. Fortunately for us and everyone in the restaurant. All 3 kids were great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The twins even slept through most of dinner. Probably much to late of a night for all the kiddos, but how nice is it to be able to go out to dinner and have 3 kids under 1 1/2 behave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is crazy, but awesome!


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