Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sleeping through the night

Tonight is the first night that we are trying the twins with sleeping through the night.  Thanks to Sotorrofictwins Blog, I have a schedule that I can follow to help them and Tom and I get through this.  Unfortunately, I did not follow this schedule totally today, but I followed it somewhat.  Unfortunately the twins went to bed later than they should more like 8:00 than 6:30 that I had on the schedule.  I guess it's ok, but tomorrow I really want to get them in bed earlier.  They went down a little after 8 and cried until about 8:50.  This was the first day that they ate 3 meals and had a little less formula than I would have liked, but I feel like they ate and drank pretty good for given that they are on a new schedule.

Let's hope the night goes better than I expect and that the twins will sleep through until close to 6:30.  I'm sure Michael will sleep through the night!

Thanks Sotorrific twins!  I think you have given me a great schedule to start with.


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  1. you are more than welcome!! and remember - you can move the schedule around as it suits you - I am always tweeking it a bit here and there but I think in general its a good schedule for infants this age. Good luck!!