Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cloth diapering

About 4 months ago, we started using cloth diapers with my oldest son.  They seemed to work great for his issues with diaper rashes and it was nice not having so many disposables (and it wasn't even that bad with regards to laundry).  So, we decided to start using cloth for all 3.  I'm not sure why, but lately it seems that all 3 kiddos are getting horrible diaper rashes.  I started changing how I washed the diapers.  I used less detergent since less seems to be better when it comes to cloth diapers.  Also, I decided to try a couple of loads on the sanitary cycle hoping to strip the diapers of anything that may be defeating the absorbency ability of the diapers.  That seemed to work for the short term, but it seemed like the diaper rashes were back in full force.  I started being really conscientious about changing them every 2 hours or so (don't get me wrong, it's not like they sat in wet, dirty diapers for too long, you just have to change them much more often than disposables).  It's pretty crazy (sometimes I feel like all I do is change diapers), but isn't that what happens when you have 3 in diapers?  The kids' doctor wanted me to use desitin, balmex, or something like that, but that means using disposables for longer than I wanted to.  I decided to use up the few disposables that I had and I was going to buy more, but for whatever reason, the stars didn't align and I didn't get out to the store in time.  Because of this, I started back in cloth sooner than I expected.  I was going to go out later when the kids were better or my husband was home and get desitin (as much as I didn't want to use it, it does work great) and more disposables since you can't use desitin with cloth as it screws with odor and absorbency.  When I was changing diapers later on, the rashes seemed better especially since I was changing diapers often.  I also wrote to a cloth diaper list that I belong to and they suggested that I try fleece liners.  I had some fleece material at the house so I cut out some liners and it's amazing how much the fleece wicked away the moisture from the kids' bottom.  Since I no longer have any projects that I have to complete, my newest project is going to be making fleece diapers (almost like fleece underwear thanks to my husbands suggestion) to wear under the cloth pre-fold then a cover on top.  I'm going to keep the covers I have for now, but will eventually make my own fleece covers.

I really want to keep up with cloth diapering.  For me, it's a better choice and I also don't have to worry as much about running out of diapers (which can happen quickly when you have 3 in diapers, pretty much all the same size)

Looking forward to my newest project, but now off to knit a scarf and watch the Patriots!

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  1. I would have loved to use cloth diapers on my children but just wasn't able to. I never had my own washer when they were that little.
    As for the fleece being good for wicking away the moisture. For a few years I used homemade sanitary napkins. They were awesome. I tried it with and without the fleece. It was sooooooooo much better with the fleece. I tend to have issues with the disposable products. Leaking, breaking apart etc... No issues with the homemade. No leaks, no odor, no breaking apart or the adhesive sticking to my leg or other places but the panties. is where I got the directions for them (but didn't make the wings)