Thursday, April 8, 2010

Big Tease

Here just north of Boston, we had summer time weather yesterday.  i'm not sure of the exact temperature, but it was warm enough to break out the sprinkler pool.  Maybe I was crazy, but I was dying in the heat and figured that the kids were too.  They had a blast!  Even Thomas had fun and he has only recently started to take a bath without screaming and fighting.  I'm sure that since we are only in early April, the weather will not stay this nice.  It may even get nasty again.  But, I am so appreciative of these fabulous days of warm weather now that I have kids.  Let's hope it doesn't get too cool again!

All 3 kids playing in the pool

Thomas climbing on the picnic table eating dinner

The twins playing with the sprinkler

Michael loving the water

Eva Rose having a blast

Thomas loving the water!  Yay!!!!!!

I hope the nice weather is here to stay!



  1. It looks like they had a blast! A sprinkler pool? I haven't heard of that, but it looks pretty slick!

    I wish I could say the same about being here today! It is very cool here...39 degrees! It was nice yesterday, but we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere around nightfall! COLD! It is supposed to warm right back up again though! Fingers crossed!

  2. Cute pool - where did you get it?

  3. It's great for the little ones. I got it last year. I think it was at Babies r Us since that is where we seem to get most of our stuff!

  4. That pool looks like a ton of fun!

  5. Oh how cute!!! Looks like they had loads of fun :)

  6. It was an awesome day wasn't it?!!

  7. So cute! And yep, already the weather's taken a turn for the worse. I forgot I'd turned the heat off that day when it was in the 80's. Tonight it's in the low 40's...cold in our husband just found one of our kids sleeping on the floor under the heavy blankets we'd taken off their beds. Oops!

  8. What a card- Crazy weathe rhere in New England huh!