Friday, April 9, 2010

Crazy Weather

Like I said in my last post, Mother Nature gave us a big tease with the weather.  Yesterday was much cooler, but at least it was nice and sunny.  Today we are back to rainy, nasty weather that keeps us inside.  I met another Mother of Twins at the mall and we went to the play area.  Unfortunately, there is no gate to the entrance/exit of the play area.  This means that you have to clean an extra close eye on your kids to ensure that no one leave the area.  Sometimes there are just too many kids in the play area, making it too difficult for 1 person to keep tabs on 2+ kids.  The other mom I went with had her daughter pay escape artist and leave the play area.  Thankfully she didn't get far, but we decided that it was time to leave the play area and walk the mall.  We then went to the food court and let the kids and the moms eat.  It was nice getting out of the house, but it would have been nicer to go to a playground outside and let the kids play with all the outdoor toys.  I love getting together with other moms and letting the kids play, but after such a tease with the weather, I am really hating the rainy cold weather that makes us stay inside.

Nice weather come back!!!!!



  1. Were you in Burlington? We've only gone to that play area once because of the no gate issue. When I expressed my frustrations to a neighbor, he said it was done purposely with the idea that parents would then have to keep an eye on their kids (meaning, they couldn't just drop their kids in and walk away and/or plop their kids down and then gab on a cell phone). I get it, I do, but geesh for anyone with more than one kid, it's a huge safety issue.

  2. That's exactly where we were. I totally agree with you. So it's better to make it a safety hazard (because I'm sure parents still ignore their kids, actually I know they do) than to make it safe for those of us with more than one kids to keep an eye on? They should put a gate on there!