Monday, June 7, 2010

makes My Monday: You don't need to buy kid toys

We were at a graduation party yesterday and unfortunately most of the day rained so the party was forced inside.  The house where we were had a tarp on the deck to prevent the rain from soaking whoever was grilling below.  The tarp collected water and there were a ton of puddles.  The kids, who are now all walking, didn't not want to stay in the house.  So, we brought them outside and they found the puddles.  It was like their own slip and slide.  It's amazing what simple things around the house can give kids a fun time!

Thomas running through the puddles!

Eva Rose splashing!

Michael looking over where to splash next!

We had lots of fun playing in the water!  Gotta love simple things that keep kids occupied!



  1. Amy this is GENIUS! We always swear by the fun of the cardboard box...we need to bring a tarp into the mix clearly!

    Thank you so much for playing along with Makes My Monday!

  2. It definitely looks like they all had a great time! Given that we already have a tarp and a hose, I think I know what our next hot day activity will be. :o)