Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sleep update!

Yay!!!!!!!!!  We have all 3 kids sleeping through the night.  The twins go to bed usually by 7:30 at the latest and Michael is in bed by 8:30 at the latest.  We had a couple of tough nights, but at this point there is limited crying form Michael.  The twins have been going down fine for a long time now.  Michael has been our trying child.  I am finding that this has been my fault.  I feel bad, but I guess that's kind of how it is with your first.  Then the twins came along and like I said in my last post there were all sorts of crazy happenings.  Looking back, I wish I had put Michael on more of a schedule.  I really wasn't ready to do CIO til just now, but maybe I should have done that sooner.  Even at this point, I slowly eased myself into it.  Now, almost a week later, Michael is going to bed, crying for about 5 minutes at the most and putting himself bad into his bed even if he has gotten himself out.  We are not on a totally strict schedule, but we are definitely way more schedules than we ever have been with Michael.  The twins have always been on  a schedule.  The best part is that all 3 kids are going to sleep fairly easily, sleeping through the night and so have I.  I have actually been able to go to bed at 9:30 at the latest for the last couple of nights and I feel so rested.  I have pulled my back and definitely needed to rest.  I am also going to start a new job so getting a good night sleep all around id going to be great.  I know that this is going to continue because I have gone through the CIO phase and know that I can do it and that it works.  I guess that I needed to be ready and maybe even Michael needed to be ready.  I just wish I was ready earlier because I think it has been best for our whole family.

If there is anyone reading this blog who has given me advice on sleeping, thank you and I wish I had taken your advice sooner.  Also thank you for putting up with my constant whining about sleep issues and having me not follow the advice of others who have been there.  If there are people who are dealing with similar issues, CIO is not all that bad.  It was probably one of the toughest things to follow through with, but the outcome has been wonderful.  Also,  having a schedule, at least a schedule that you can follow somewhat is so important.  I realized this after having the twins, but I never really instituted one with Michael.  Again, I am not a fanatic with scheduling, but I do think that having one totally helps.



  1. YEAH for sleep!!!!!! :) Don't beat yourself up too much ... CIO is TOUGH. (We've done a modified version...couldn't just do it cold turkey *blush* )

  2. Hi. Cute blog. I'm from MA (We stayed at our friends house in Wakefield for 5 weeks while we were buying our house in NH). We need to get to the lake in Wakefield soon & get to the Gingerbread factory for some muffins. Your kids are really cute.

  3. So glad to hear you're getting some sleep. We just had to do some CIO again to extinguish the night wakings. It is tough, but it works. I hope the good sleeping continues!

  4. Yay for sleeping through the night! It is a wonderful thing!