Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Newest Crafting Experiment

I finally started to attempt to make soap.  I was a little fearful, partially from others telling me how dangerous it could be and partly because of my own crazy mind, though I think others remarks had helped to make my mind worry more than it would otherwise.  I also have this crazy fear of failure in anything and everything I do.  I like to be perfect in everything I do, and I have a hard time remembering that most of the time, it takes a lot of practice to get things perfect, even close to perfect.

I finally made the decision to go ahead and try it.  How hard could it be?  I definitely made sure that I researched and read up on making soap in a crock pot.   I watched many a youtube video on crockpot soap making and finally decided that I was comfortable attempting it.

I made sure that I had my iPad right next to me with a youtube video going.  I made sure that the kids were all in bed and fast asleep.  I made sure that I had gloves and vinegar in case I spilled the lye.  I didn't spill the lye.  Things went well and I had soap the next day.  I learned that there are better lye calculators than others, or at least there are many lye calculators and people have different feelings about the different ones that are out there.  Personally, I like for all the info that I get and as a new soap maker, I really appreciate what it gives me.

I learned that there are many different oils that can be used and different outcomes.  My first soap was pretty soft and then once I found different oils, I found that you can make a harder soap right from the start.  My most recent soap consists of olive oil, coconut oil, and crisco, yes crisco.  I'm not really sure how I feel about crisco, but it seems to work well.  I now plan to try Walmart shortening and see how soap with that vs crisco is.  

I love making soap and plan to continue making it, experimenting with different oils and scents.  I may, at some point, attempt cold process, but that takes a little longer before the soap is ready.  I can't wait to learn more.

I have been pretty productive this summer.  I could always be more productive, but I am happy with what I've done.  I still plan to try to make some things for my twins group and hope that I can finish a few things to donate for them to sell at our national convention.  I also hope to start creating more for charity and maybe become part of a specific charity, Enchanted Makeovers.

A few picture of my soap and other projects from this summer!

First soap ever in the mold

first soap out of the mold cut and drying

rag quilts for the twins

doll bed, with quilt and rag rug

soap for Michael's teachers in the mold

soap for Michael's teachers cut waiting to be wrapped

my new pincushion

mixing my latest soap

latest soap at trace

soap cooking in the crockpot

soap almost finished cooking

soap molded and cooling. Can't wait to cut it tomorrow!

This is jut a few of the projects that I have completed and have been working on.  I have a few other things in process and can't wait to find time to finish them.  I can't what to get things organized so that I can have more time to craft rather than finding where to craft, a place to craft and then remembering to clean up!  Loving being creative!


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