Thursday, December 17, 2009


So yesterday we went to get the first dose of H1N1 in Newton.  Not far, but getting the shot at 4:40pm then attempting to drive 128 north at that time was not my idea of fun.  I decided to go the back roads through Belmont, Arlington and Winchester.  Other than the beginning, I knew exactly where I was going.  Unfortunately I got a little lost in the beginning and My little Eva Rose cried, no screamed most of the way home.  I figured that since we had more crying than usual after a shot I would give them a quick dose of Tylenol before going to bed since I was going to attempt to get the 3 kids to sleep through the night.  We got home had dinner and bottles and off to bed without Tylenol since I totally forgot that I wanted to give it to them (I am not someone who pre-medicates just in case usually).  The twins were in bed at 8pm and Michael by 8:30 (this is their normal schedule for the last couple of weeks and actually seems to work just as well if not better than earlier bed times).  After they were in bed, I left Tom and went to B&N to get the Weissbuth book.  Unfortunately my plan was to start the book last night, but I was just too tired.  I didi read the first couple of pages and skim some of the book, but didn't really retain anything.  I will start today now that I got a good nights sleep.  That means, Michael went to bed will little to no crying and slept through without a peep and the twins did the same except Eva Rose did cry a little but went back to sleep without help after a pretty short time.

Is it a fluke?  I certainly hope not.  I know that these guys can sleep through the night and I think that it will be better for all involved!



  1. Did you get two nights in a row? Hopefully tonight will be another good night for sleeping.

    BTW, you can totally skim the Weissbluth book and read the parts that give advice for kid's your children's ages or particular sleep issues. I tried starting from the beginning, but eventually just skipped ahead to read what I really wanted to hear.

    I hope your luck continues!

  2. No! Michael was up a total of 2 hours. The twins slept through though. At least I was only up with 1. :)

  3. That stinks! What do you do during those two hours? And how in the world do you function the next day?

    I'm really hoping you'll get all 3 sleeping through soon. Consistently getting a good night's sleep makes all the difference in the world.