Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Play Date

Eva Rose and Thomas playing with one of the big soft blocks.  At one point, they ended up in this one rocking.

Today we met a couple of other mom's at Together in Motion in Arlington.  It was a little crazy getting all 3 kids out of the house and to Arlington by 9:30 this morning, but it was worth it.  All 3 kids had a great time playing with new climbing toys and playing with many balls.  Most of the time, the 3 kids were scattered in all directions.  It was crazy trying to keep an eye on all 3 but it was doable.  They played with other kids, but did not spend a ton of time playing with each other.  It was fun getting out of the house and being with other kids and other adults.  It will be fun to do again, but I'm sure that we won't do it that often since it really was crazy getting all 3 kids out of the house and keeping an eye on all 3 kids by myself.  We did have a great time though!

Michael climbing.


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  1. Great pics! Mine were so on the go, that I didn't really get any good photos. Glad you all had fun. We'll probably be heading back there frequently as it appears to be just what my son needs to help with his OT issues. Hopefully we'll see you there again sometime!