Saturday, January 9, 2010

1st haircut

We took Michael for his 1st real haircut today.  I had cut his hair a little last summer just to neaten it up and it was not a fun experience.  Michael cried and twisted and turned the whole time, so the thought of bringing him to get a real haircut was not so appealing.  But, he really needed a haircut.  the back of his hair looked horrible no matter what I did.  So, I asked the other mom's in my twins group since they have so much experience between them.  I got a lot of great suggestions, but we decided to go with a barber shop in Cambridge that was supposedly fast and good with kids and best of all only $10.  We went this afternoon and were pleasantly surprised.  Fast Phil's is a little whole in the wall and as I hoped was quick and really great with Michael.  We got there and there was probably 5 people ahead of us.  The other customers were very friendly and didn't seem to mind having 3 little kids in a very small place.  When it was Michael's turn, he immediately started crying and cried through the whole haircut.  The hairdresser was great.  She reassured us that she has had kids cry worse than Michael was and who also fought worse than Michael.  He ended up with a very cute haircut and looks adorable.  Tom said that if he knew that Michael would look this cute with his haircut, he would have done it weeks ago.  I think we both held off because we were afraid of how Michael would react and I know I was reluctant to cut off the few curls that he had.  We will definitely be going back when it is time for another haircut!

Tom also got a haircut and they did a really good job on him also.

Michael was so not thrilled to be getting his hair cut!

Now home, Michael is once again the happy little boy we all know and love!



  1. He looks so old now!!! I love him so much!!!

  2. He does look so grown up now! Isn't it amazing how a haircut can do that?

    I can't believe you went all the way in to Cambridge for a haircut. Must be a really good place. Would you go there again?

  3. I would definitely go again. They were so good with him screaming and crying and it was $10. For us it's not bad, only 1/2 hour. We actually go tot the dr. just a couple of blocks down.