Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adult Connections

I have been thinking about this for sometime now and Sotorrific Twins recent blog made me want to write about this.  So, I have been a SAHM for over a year now counting the time that I was out of work on bed rest.  I have absolutely loved being a SAHM, but I have truly missed other adult contact.  I am so lucky to have Tom be a teacher, he is home at a very reasonable time and has a good amount of time off.  Even with this, I still feel like I have limited time with other adults and especially now with the winter here, I am stuck more in the house than I was before.  I posted to my twins group about activities to do with the kids in the winter and got some really good ideas.  I joined The Klubhouse in Woburn today and I think that may help things.  I hope that the kids get to enjoy being with other kids and I hope that I get to be around some other adults.

The other thing that I have been thinking about is my career.  I got my MSW 2 months before I found out I was pregnant with Michael.  I stayed at my place of work through my pregnancy with him then was pregnant with the twins 3 months after I had Michael.  Now it seems I am re-evaluating if I truly want to be a social worker.  It's pretty crazy to think that I spent all that time and money and am now thinking about changing careers.  What would I do instead though?  I have to admit, that even when I was getting my MSW I wasn't totally sure that it was what I really wanted to do, I just knew that I needed to at least get my MSW so that I could have more option within my profession at the time.  I guess I have some time to think about what I really want to do.

Some how I really need to find other adult connections.  At this point I'm not exactly sure how to do that.  I hope some day I really figure it out!



  1. I just read Sotorrific's post and now yours. I was almost completely homebound (by choice) for the first year, and then after Tiny and Buba turned one, really started feeling the need to get out and have more contact with other adults. I've found that getting to things in our own community have been great for getting the kids involved in some fun and free (or low cost) activities and has given me the opportunity to connect with other SAHM (all of singletons). Although I don't mind driving out to Arlington or Woburn to go to some of the indoor playspaces, it's nice to know that good company is just a stone's throw away.

  2. Oy. Let me know if you figure it out! I'm not a SAHM, but I do work from home full-time so I'm pretty much in the same "I DON'T SEE ADULTS!!!!" boat ;)

  3. It's amazing how life leads you down paths you never thought you'd be on. I wanted to be a lawyer. Spent 4 yrs in Law School. Didn't pass the Calif bar (too long a story for the comment box). Decided to try Human Resources. Got prego with twins. Was too afraid to put the babies in day care at 6 mths......9 years later I'm still a SAHM. I've volunteered here and there. Thought I'd write for my local newspaper because I like to write (a good make-your-own-hours type of job), but chickened (lazied?) out. So, this past year I started a home-based travel agency--putting all my travel experience to good use. But I still find it hard to dedicate time to it (what I WANT to do with it) and still miss the people interaction. I think that's why I leave such "long" opportunity to "talk" to others! LOL! Good Luck! I know what your talking about!

  4. I have been doing better with getting out to playgroups and other activities. I do wish that I could find a home based business that I want to do. Some day I'll figure out what I want to do with my life.

    Anita-Thankfully it was only 1 year to get my MSW. I would feel so guilty if I had spent more time and money and then didn't want to use my degree.

    Nancy-If you figure it out let me know!