Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Potty Training

God I hate this part of parenting!  I never realized just how much I would hate this part of development!  We decided to potty train all 3 at the same time.  I don't know if I am a glutton for punishment or what, but all 3 seemed to be interested in going to the potty at the same time.  At first we were doing great, just a for accidents, but now it seems like all they want to do is pee every where except the potty!  I am totally beside myself with where to go from here.  Do I put them back in diapers?  Do I keep pushing forward?  Do I play it all by ear? 

Please tell me this gets better!?  I am hating potty training and am thinking that I would much more enjoy having my 3 in diapers rather than this whole potty training crap!  Part of me wants to keep pushing forward, but part of me says just go back to diapers!  I don't want to do what's best for me, I want to do what's best for them.  Right now I'll just be playing it all by ear!


Next time, I'll post pictures and something more fun than potty training!


  1. So sorry to hear that potty training took a turn for the worse. I'm not really sure how to advise. You know your kids best and what they can handle. But, a couple of thoughts...

    1) I found it so exhausting (and sometimes frustrating) just training one kid at a time. I can't imagine doing all 3 together. Maybe put two back in diapers and just try one at a time starting with the one most ready?

    2) OR (and we have done this before) Put all the kids in undies in the morning and tell them that if they have an accident they go back to wearing diapers for the day. The goal is still to stay dry and clean all day and do all pees and poops in the potty, but the diaper is on in case they have more accidents.

    3) (maybe you're already doing this) With any kid in undies, do random checks to see if they are dry and clean. If they are, the get a reward (a sticker, an M&M, whatever you want). And then also reward anytime they use the potty correctly.

    I hope some of that is helpful. Good luck!

  2. I made these suckers sit on the pot every 20 minutes...I had a timer. If they tried, they got 1 M&M. If they peed, they got 2 M&Ms. If they pooped, they got 5 M&Ms and a sticker. That was a pretty big deal.

    I have no idea what to do about putting them back in diapers b/c I just didn't look back...I couldn't. Good luck...so frustrating.