Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Toy Organization

I am struggling with organizing my house, all areas of my house, but I really want to get the kids' toys organized and reduced down to what they need and waht they actually play with.  I have started organizing some things, but I still have a lot to do.  My goal is to really look at what they play with, what I would like to have to offer them to play with for educational purposes, and also what they never play with and why.  Right mow, my house is a disaster of all sorts.  I really need to get my act together and get my stuff organized as well as the kids, but I think the kids' things will be easier and really most beneficial at this point in time.

Right now the big thing that the kids play with are cars.  I actually, for the most part, have things organized in this area.  I have thier kitchen stuff in a bin that hasa place in a cubby.  I want to get a bin and cubby for the following: art supplies, dolls, tools, puzzles, blocks.  Any other suggestions for bins or categories of toys?

Any other suggestions for organizing toys?



  1. My current thought is when in doubt to eliminate. I've got a couple-weeks-from-four-year-old and a seven month old. The near 4 year old really loves his wooden blocks, scissors and paper, tinker toys, occasionally duplo and only randomly plays with other things.

    Maybe try pulling out almost everything and organizing them in an area the kids don't go, like the garage. Then bring things back in as they are asked for. If they reach a certain period of time without being used, then donate/eliminate?

    Kind of like the closet trick of reversing hangers...

    In addition to the traditional clear bins for organization, we also use two chests that open up which serve as benches, parts of forts, etc. as well. Container Store is our friend.

  2. I use fabric bins from Kohl's for a lot of things. I try to buy them in colors/patterns that the Crazies will eventually use when they have their own rooms. We also use cubbies b/c it's easy to clean up with them...we got them from PBK, I think.

  3. This is not my specialty. We have crazy amounts of toys over here, but not much organization for it all. Amazingly, the kids always know right where to look for the specific toys that they want.

    But this is a great time to be going through the toys and getting rid of the unwanteds. I'll be doing that in the coming weeks as I prepare to start tagging for the twin sale. My goal is to get rid of as much as possible, and to come home having bought as little as possible. :o)