Thursday, February 4, 2010


So, I bit the bullet and went cold turkey for 1 nap for all 3 kids.  Today is day 2 and so far so good.  The 3 kids went to sleep for their nap much better today then yesterday.  The twins slept through the night, but Michael didn't.  Today we went shopping for the morning and the kids stayed awake the whole time.  I'm really hoping that going to 1 nap a day will be better for all involved.  Hopefully, the kids will take good, long naps and I'll be able to get things done and then the kids will sleep better through the night.

As an aside-I am hoping to use the nap time to get  the house clean and get some crafting done.  My newest project is making my daughter a dress out of some old overalls and making some cloth diapers as well as many other projects that need to be finished!



  1. I've got my fingers crossed that the one nap will continue to go well and will help solve nighttime sleep issues a well. Good luck with your projects! I need to learn to be more productive during nap time.

  2. I hope you are having success with your new nap schedule. I went for a year with two naping morning and late afternoon and my older one napping in the middle of their two ... it was almost impossible to get out of the house.

    Now, though, no one is napping ... and while the transition was hard, now it's great ... we don't rush home for naps ...

    Hope your having a good day ...

  3. Good luck moving to 1 nap! I'm jealous - working around our 2 or 3 daily nap schedule is brutal. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your kiddos are beautiful!

  4. Me again...

    Just curious to know how things are going? Are the kids doing well with just the one nap? Nighttime sleep any better?

  5. reanbean-Some good night and some bad nights.They seem to be doing fine with 1 nap. I think a big part of waking is needing a diaper change. I certainly like the 1 nap better. Now if they fall asleep in the car I don't care as long as they get their 1 good nap in. I am finding that 11 am is the best time for them napping. Yesterday was the first time that Michael walked to his room when I said "It's nap time"

    Alexis- Thanks for visiting. I love reading blogs!

  6. Amy, I am pretty sure you have your hands too full, with 3 little ones, to crochet at all, let alone better! I could not even imagine finding time to shower! You must be one brave lady!