Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Way back When-esday

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Well this post is a little early, but I wanted to make sure that I got it in and I'm not sure I will have time tomorrow.  This time last year we were spending ours days at Children's Hospital in the NICU with both twins.  Thomas had already been in for 1 week and had already been weaned off the vent (thankfully it was only 24 hours).  Unfortunately he was still a very sick little guy.  He would be in the hospital for 2 more weeks due to RSV.  His sister was admitted 1 year ago today and was vented for 6 days when she decided to pull her tube out.  Soon after she pulled out her feeding tube also.  My feisty little girl new she was better and made sure that everyone knew it.

We were warned about RSV and took precautions, but unfortunately both twins ended up with RSV.  Thomas was rushed 911 from a routine MD appointment and was immediately vented.  It was probably the scariest day of my life.  We kept a close eye on Eva Rose since we knew that they had been sharing a crib and often slept facing each other.  The nursing staff at Children's were amazing.  The ER staff were so good at thoroughly explaining all that was going on.  There were 2 social workers in the room to support me and my husband.  Once Thomas was admitted to the NICU, the nurses and the doctors had to put up with us constantly asking questions often repeatedly.  They also had to deal with our continuous questions about how we would know how to bring in Eva Rose before she got too sick.  They were amazingly kind and supportive through all of this.  I know that this is their job, but not everyone does this well.  When we took Eva Rose in and she was admitted, it was both a blessing and a it was horrible.  We know knew that she was being closely monitored and well taken care of.  It was a major weight off our minds.  Now both twins were in the same room and they were safe.  By march 1st 2009 both came home together.  That was a major blessing (that they were both able to come home together).

Fast forward 1 year and the twins are doing amazing.  They are now at least 20 pounds if not more.  They only weighed 4 1/2 pounds at birth.  They have pretty much hit their developmental milestones right on target.  They are not walking yet, but are standing and letting go often.  They say mama and dada and clap their hands.  They have the best disposition, but both have tempers and can throw amazing temper tantrums.  Thomas is my little cuddle bug and Eva Rose is my little bully.  It is amazing to watch my 3 kids grow and change so much.

Through all of this, Michael was a champ.  He often came to the hospital once both twins had been admitted and behaved like a great little baby.  Again the nursing staff and the Child life staff were great with him too.  We are so happy to have healthy happy babies now!

This is how we knew both would end up with RSV

Thomas with just oxygen which was never in his nose

Eva Rose on the vent

Thomas and Eva Rose today

Sorry for the lengthy post, but this marks one of the major periods in my life!



  1. OMGOsh! You just brought back SO many memories for me (one of my sons, Henry, was a preemie and ended up with RSV just 11 days after he had finally come home from the hospital)
    What a scary time for mommies!
    Glad they are doing so wonderfully right now!

    ps Popped over from Cheryl's blog.

  2. debi9kids-My son was like 17 days old when he was hospitalized and my daughter was like 24 days old and preemie too. It's so scary when they are that small.

  3. they are so cute but those early days I am sure were very nervous for you

  4. What a ride you've had! Look at those gorgeoushealthy "big kids!" Good for you for asking all those questions and being the advocate those beautiful babies deserve. :) You're a heck of a Twin Mama...my hat is off to you!

    Thanks so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday...hope you'll play along often!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. Those days were tough, but they are behind us and we are all doing great!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your story! It's great to meet other moms who've been through the NICU experience. Your children are beautiful and so glad to hear they are doing so well now!

  7. I know moments like this in life make us so grateful that they are in the past and everyone came through it ...

    All of us who shared in the NICU experience, know how hard this is.

    Glad everyone is happy and healthy...

  8. I can only imagine how tough those days must have been. But how amazing is it that they're both healthy and developing just as they should.