Friday, February 19, 2010


So, we have officially gone to 1 nap for all 3 kids.  After getting some great advice from the different mom's in my twins group and reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, I decided that for our family, cold turkey was he way to go.  So we went from a couple of 1 hour naps a day to 1 solid 2-3 hour nap depending on the child and the day.  Sometimes the day is horrible and no one wants to sleep and sometimes it's great and they all go down for a nap fairly easily.  They will still cat nap in the car, but now I don't freak out if they fall asleep because I know that once we get home they are awake.  Now I can plan our days easier around 1 nap time for all 3 kids not a morning and afternoon nap for the twins and only an afternoon nap for Michael.  Now nap time is late morning and then we have the rest of the day to do what we want or need.

Out night time sleep has been much better also.  We have been having some good nights for a little bit, but they were off and on.  Now that we have gotten the nap thing down better, I think that the night time sleep is going better also.  Thankfully we have had 3 consistent nights were all 3 kids have slept through without a whimper.  We have had nights were they sleep through, but usually there is a little crying that we have to put up with before they are able to get themselves back to sleep (this is usually just some whimpering not the loud screaming that we had been going through).  We have had a few things to contend with regarding sleep.  All 3 kids have this horrible rash and finally Michael's is better and the twins now have a new treatment that  think is working out well so far.  This just meant that they were waking for diaper changes and some comforting since their little bottoms were so sore.  Thomas' bottom looks like it will be better sooner than Eva Rose's, but it still looks sore.They must be feeling better since they are sleep better.

I so can't wait for spring to be here.  I think getting out in the nice weather and having the kids play outside is going to be helpful for al involved.  I think sleep can only get better, even though we do have to go through another time change, which I am so not looking forward to.



  1. YEAH!!! That's gotta be a relief.

    I know that people have differing opinions about the time change, but I've found that just changing things cold turkey (and dealing with a day or two of crankies) has worked really well for us. Of course, my kids aren't really on a very strict schedule anyway, so that might help...

    Sleep WILL get better :) Promise!

  2. Hooray! So glad to hear the one nap is working well for all 3!

    And I hear you about spring. It can't come fast enough. I can't wait for nice days and playing outside again. I just hope we don't have a particularly rainy spring. As for the time change, we haven't been through a ton, but my experience has been that spring ahead is easier to get through than the fall back.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. My 2 year old hasn't napped in three days and I am ready to break! She needs to sleep, otherwise I get NO time alone at ALL! I can't breathe...or anything else. I really value the few minutes where neither girl is awake. I know that sounds awful, but 6 kids all the time, 7 on Wednesdays and weekends is a lot and NO alone time is really a struggle.

    Jeez, didn't mean to get on here and rant! I am glad your days are going better, with the new system in place.

  4. Momma B- Feel free to rant anytime! I hate when the kids don't nap. It's really important for them and for the parent. We need time to ourselves to just take a breath and relax. Hope things get better for you.

    Thanks for all the comments everyone!