Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Day of Summer with Daddy

Tom went back to School on Tuesday, so we decided to make Monday a special day!  All weekend we had talked about going into Boston with the kiddos and bike ride along the Charles.  We finally had  day where things went well and we were able to get out earlier enough to make a day of it.  We decided to get some food at the store and have a picnic.  The kids didn't eat a ton, but they had fun!

Michael is checking out the tires on the bike stroller

The twins in their chariot

Thomas is checking out the bike tires

Eva Rose is enjoying the loaf of bread that we had for lunch

Michael tried out the big boy swing

Eva Rose decided that she wanted to be on the big girl swing

Trying out a different position

Checking out the view from the slide

getting ready to slide

Thomas loves steering wheels

After spending time in Boston, we decided to get ice creams.  We thought that we would be good and give the twins a chance to experience eating an ice cream cone on their own.  What a mistake!  They were a mess, but it was so much fun to watch them and another customer had a good laugh too.

Thomas eating his first ice cream cone on his own (likes like he's doing a great job, then a mess)

Eva Rose enjoying her ice cream cone on her own.  As you can see, she has made a mess.

This is not Michael's first time with an ice cream cone, but he was just as messy.  I think it's a requirement of childhood!

We had a great day and miss daddy being back in school, but are so happy that the weather has been so nice.  I am so happy to have the weather be the right temperature to take the kids outside more, than in the sun and heat throughout the summer.  My kids don't deal well with the heat and neither do I!  Hopefully, we'll get out and see more friends!


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