Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Muffin Tin Meals

For someone who likes to be creative, I certainly am not having much creative spark lately.  I can't figure out simple creative craft projects for my kids to do.  I asked my twins group and got a good amount of suggestions on things to do with the kids (thankfully).  Then, I was reading another twin mom's blog at and got the idea for muffin tin meals.  I certainly can use any ideas when it comes to getting my kids to eat their meals better and this seems like it is worth a try.  Maybe my kids are too young, maybe it won't make a difference, or maybe just maybe they'll find it fun and they will eat better.  Maybe they won't throw their plate on the floor after dumping their food on their high chair tray.  I'm not sure anything will help, but this looks like a fun way to try even snacks.  I will be checking out fun muffin tins and silicone miffin cups.  I may try the muffin cups first and see how that goes over.

With regards to getting the kids involved in crafts, I got a few great ideas from some other twin moms.  I have some what of a plan on attempting to get the kids involved in doing things that will be creative and help to work on their motor skills.  Maybe it will keep them busy so that I can also do something creative along with them.

What I find to be the toughest part about finding creative things to do with the kids, other than actually coming up with the ideas, is figuring out how to get all 3 kids involved.  I think some of the ideas that I have in mind will work well and I can do an adult version of what they are doing.  I do need to get a few supplies for some of the ideas, but I also have some supplies that will work in the interim.  Maybe, I can even tie the craft projects into their EI work/goals?!

Look for future pictures of the kids creative craft projects!


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