Friday, April 22, 2011


I've been a little at a loss for what to write lately.  For the last week we have at least 1 sick kid at a time, sometimes 2.  Pretty much they have just been sick with fevers of unknown origin.  Michael has had a fever since last Friday.  We took him to the doctors on Tuesday and she couldn't find any reason for the fever.  He just may have had a virus that needed to clear his system or he may have had a simple GI bug.  All of a sudden, Michael started getting better and then Eva Rose ended up with a fever.  Hers seems to come and go a little more than Michael's.  She didn't have a fever on Tuesday, so we didn't have the doctor look at her, now she has a fever and we are just riding it out.  The only difference is, she seems to get herself worked up and then her breathing starts to get a little labored from crying so hard and then I get a little PTSD about her breathing and start worrying that she is having difficulty breathing and that she needs to be seen for her breathing.  This is just one of my little neurotic behaviors about my kids.  Ever since the RSV when they were just weeks old, I have always gotten freaked out by any small seemingly insignificant changes in their breathing, not so much Michael, but definitely the twins and more so Eva Rose since she seems to be the one that I notice it more with.  We are now waiting to hear from the ENT doctor about scheduling tubes for Eva Rose.  Hopefully this fever won't put it off!

Enough with my crazy thoughts about breathing.  One thing I have been doing is reading a ton of blogs lately.  I love my food blogs, my health blogs, my green blogs, and my craft blogs, never mind my twin mom friends' blogs.  I wish I had known about blogging when I was on bed rest with the twins!  I could have been blogging about my pregnancy, reading all sorts of blogs of interest, and finding things to do when I actually had time.  What did I do instead, I slept, and slept, and slept.  I certainly got a lot of rest back then and I probably needed it, but looking back, I wish I had been more productive and I wish I had a journal of my pregnancy!  I am loving not only blogging, but reading blogs and even sometimes meeting new friends!

Hopefully, I'll have something interesting to write about soon!

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  1. I hate it when they run fevers without really knowing why!!! I also like you hate always worrying about their breathing when they are sick! Bless your heart! I hope Eva Rose tube procedure doesn't get postponed!

    I land is pretty GRAND! I too wish I found it sooner! I hope your Easter Holiday weekend is better! Take care!