Monday, April 18, 2011

Miserable Monday (and weekend too)!

I have had a sick kid for 4 days now.  My poor 3 year old has had a fever since Friday.  He missed school on Friday, which was picture day, being the first day of his fever.  I figured, he sleep and get lots of rest and then Saturday we'll be fine.  Saturday came, and he wasn't fine.  Bad mom that I am, I said let's go out for a little bit and maybe he'll feel better.  NOPE!  Sunday came and the same thing.  Both Friday and Saturday, he slept all day and then was up way too late at night.  Sunday, I thought, maybe we should let him rest, but not sleep so much since I would much rather him go to bed early than sleep all day and not at night.  So, he slept less during the day, but still rested and actually seemed to perk up a little bit.  We went out for a ride just to get out of the house and he just wasn't feeling good.  Back home, we changed everyone into jammies and put everyone to bed quite a bit earlier than usual.  Unfortunately, my daughter decided that she was going to throw up about 20 minutes after we put them to bed.  Thankfully she is fine, but Michael still has a fever even today.  It actually got to the point that I was ready to take him to the ER since he had the fever for 4 days and our doctor's office was closed today due to the marathon running right by the office.  I love our doctor, but her being in Wellesley sometimes is just too far and too inconvenient.  But the straw that is breaking the camel's back is the office answering service.  I called twice this morning only to be on hold for 10 minutes each time.  The first time, I did speak with someone, but the second time, I was just on hold.  Not exactly the best customer service.  I was all ready tio get the kids in the car to go to the ER and my husband tried again.  This time he got through and we got a call back from the doctor.  By this time Michael had peed, which he hadn't in about 5 hours, not a drop.    The doctor pretty much made me feel comfortable not rushing to the ER but did say that we should see his doctor tomorrow.  We have an appointment tomorrow for his sister and hopefully we can have her see him then.  Hopefully he'll be feeling better tomorrow.  Now the issue is deciding to change doctors or not.  This also means that I will be changing doctors, since the biggest reason we stayed on after she moved to Wellesley, other than we really like her, is that she is a family doctor and she sees me and the kids!



  1. I'm sorry Amy! Poor boy! I hope he gets be soon! I hope sister does too!

  2. Hopefully you will all have a good night and that fever will break!

  3. So sorry to hear that Michael was so sick. I'm impressed that you drive all the way to Wellesley to see a doctor. Our kids' pediatrician is right down the street, and it's so great to know that they're just a few minutes away. I'm sure the decision to switch doctors or not won't be an easy one. Perhaps you could talk it over with your doctor to see what she recommends? Maybe there is a doctor with a similar philosophy that is closer to your home. Good luck!