Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gardening With 2 Toddlers and a Pre-schooler

Last year, we dug our first garden.  We had pretty good luck with our first attempt at gardening, especially with tomatoes and eggplants.  We definitely need to do better with a lot of other veggies.  I am thinking that maybe we will go to the local garden center and get some info on planting seeds.  I think we may be a little late.  Having 3 little ones has made it difficult for us to get our act together.  I'm sure that there are plenty of people out there that have things more difficult and do a better job, but we (ok me) just seem to have trouble getting my  act together.
Can't really tell where the garden is since everything is one color!

A couple of my friends have blogged about either gardening or having garden fresh kids.  This made me think about needing to get the gardening started.  I'm thinking that we may end up with garden center plants again, because we haven't gotten our act together.  I am hoping that we still have time to get some plants started.  Even of we don't have time to get the whole garden started with seeds, I still want to start some plants by seeds with the kids!
Our composter!

I think it will be fun to start the kids gardening at such a young age.  I remember having a garden when I was  a kid, but I don't remember it being fun.  I am hoping that we can get the kids to see gardening as fun and something that they want to be a part of.  I'm not thinking that this will always be the case, but I am thinking that if we can start them off with the right beliefs, even if they stray, they will come back later in life.  That was how I was with a lot of things in my life: gardening, line drying, crafting.

I can't wait until Michael gets home from pre-school so that we can go and look at some planting materials!



  1. I agree....what fun! I remember helping my mom in the garden! Take care!

  2. First..LOVE the new wallpaper...very chic!
    My entire family is from Poland, where growing your own garden is a "must"--just part of the culture. So growing up, my dad, my grandfather, my aunts and uncles, all had HUGE gardens. Yes, they were hard work, but I can remember the yearly joy of plucking cherry tomatoes off a plant or twisting off a cucumber w/out getting pricked. In HS, I invited a friend over for dinner, and the conversation turned to vegetables--potatoes, specifically. The fact that they grew underground. He didn't know that--he just found them in a bag in the grocery store. At that point, I knew I would grow a garden for my kids--so they would know where food comes from. Sadly, I have a black thumb (always have--not a news shock for me). Our 1st two gardens failed, but we didn't give up, and last year we had tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers. And the kids had a BLAST. Good luck with yours!

  3. Good luck with your planting! I would love to have a garden and to get the kids involved, but we just don't have the right amount of space where the lighting is right for growing. We planted pumpkin seeds last spring, and the kids loved seeing the little plants sprout up, but once we transferred them outside, it was all over.