Friday, October 9, 2009

19 months and 8 1/2 months

I can't believe that the kids are 19 months and 8 1/2 months old.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I got married never mind having 3 kids.  Tom and I went from being single (though together forever) to married with 3 kids all before we were married for 2 years.  Who would have thought that after 14 years of dating, we would be lucky enough to have an instant family?  I certainly never did.  Now we have 1 kid who is walking all over the place getting into everything and 2 little ones that are not really crawling, but they are able to scoot themselves around the room.  It's amazing how you put them one place then before you know it they are in another place across the room.  Alright, maybe not across the room, but they have definitely moved quite a bit.  It's amazing to watch these kids grow and change.

It seems like not long ago we were feeding Michael every 2 hours trying to get him to put on weight.  Now, even tough he still doesn't eat a ton, he has gained enough weight were both Tom and I are amazed at how short of a time we can comfortably carry him.  The twins are now eating 3 meals a day and having 4 bottles.  They go for their 9 month appointment November 11th.  I can't wait to see how they have grown in actual numbers.  Unfortunately, all 3 kids will be getting shots (immunizations and flu shots) and blood work (Michael).  Should be a fun night!

All 3 kids are sleeping through the night.  The twins are in bed no later than 7 pm and Michael is usually in bed around 8 pm.  The only problem is that we have gone from sleeping til 6:30 am to more like 5:15 am.  Michael is great with going to bed now.  We change him into jammies and he gets milk.  Once he decides he has had enough milk (may b 2 sips or may be the whole cup and sometimes he needs to sit with both me and Tom) he walks to his room, waves buy and waits for the stars to come out.  He goes right into his crib and is out for the night (The turtle constellation light is awesome).  The twins just get changed, bottle, and go into their crib (sometimes they fight it, but mostly they are out relatively quick).

Off to check on no napping kids!


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