Monday, October 26, 2009

Knowing Your Limits and Trusting Yourself!

Having 3 kids 19 1/2 months and under changes your life.  It changes your life for the better, but there are many things as a parent you must learn.  As a parent in general, you must learn to listen to your instincts, you must learn to trust yourself, and you must learn to know your individual limits.  There are many more things that you learn once you are a parent, but these are the biggies that I deal with on a daily basis.  I am always seeking advice because I don't trust my own instincts with regards to being a mom.  It's great to have people give you advice, but what I am slowly learning is that you must take people's advice and use it so that it benefits you and your family.  There is lots of great advice out there from people who have been there that worked for them, but it may not work for your family.  For me, it takes time to remember that most of us as parents have a natural instinct to do what's right for their family, but it's even harder to actually use my instincts.

I also tend to want to do everything.  There is not enough time for me to do everything that I want to do.  This weekend was a perfect example.  I, like usual, procrastinated and didn't start the baby's Halloween costume til late.  I had 2 costumes to make and I only gave myself a couple of days to complete this.  Not smart on my part.  I really wanted to make the costumes and with taking care of 3 kids, I really should have started much earlier.  I also promised to help at a Halloween party and ended up not helping out because I was running late and then had 3 kids to watch with only 2 adults.  Not a smart move to leave  adult to watch 3 kids.  Then the worst part is I ended up fighting with my husband because I over extended myself, didn't plan and expected that he help me get out of the situation.  Not fair to him!  Hopefully I learned from this weekend!  Hopefully I will stop the procrastinating and start planning better.  I still have to finish my sister's guest book, another thing that I should have started on earlier.  After this, I think that I will plan better.  I still want to make things, but I will hopefully take more time and not wait til the last minute.

Procrastination is one of the areas in my life that I really need to work on.  With a family that needs a lot of my attention (because the kids are so small and my husband works so hard), I really need to plan my time better.

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  1. {{{{HUGS}}}}
    My friend, remeber this is all still new to you.. Your babies are not too old. Don't be so hard on yourself. You will find a balance.
    Make sure to take plenty of pictures at your sister's wedding. I am looking forward to seeing them.