Sunday, October 4, 2009


All 3 babies were Christened today.  We were lucky and only had our babies Christened today instead of a large group of babies that we didn't know.  We were also lucky since Tom's cousin celebrated the Baptism for us.  He had a great sermon about what to teach your children.  The main focus was to teach them love and respect: love between parents, love for the children, and respect for children.  Thankfully all the Christening Outfits fit all 3 kids.  It was really nice to have people make comments about the outfits since these are really the 1st clothing items that I have made.  I was even able to knit Eva Rose's sweater.  I was afraid that people wouldn't like them since they were simple cotton outfits, but once I saw all three of them in their outfits and how cute they looked, I new that I made the right decision.  I really liked the simple cotton outfits.  I was a great day and I have some great memories of the day that all three of our kids were Baptized.

Michael with Auntie Connie and Cousin Walter

Eva Rose with Auntie Colleen and Uncle Paul

Thomas with Auntie Rebecca and Cousin Teddy


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  1. Looks like a wonderful Christening. The babies all look so wonderful!