Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am going for more allergy testing tomorrow and my mom is babysitting.  This will be the first time that she has all 3 up and for a number of hours, and the first person other than Tom and I to have the kids for more than just and hour or 2 during the day.  It's not that I don't think she can handle it, in fact I am more than confident that she can handle it, but I feel bad that she has all 3 kids all morning (at least if not longer).  It will be a good test for December since she will have them all day.  I am really looking forward to that day.  It will be the first social work conference that I have been to since I can't even remember.  It's been over a year, I know that!  I am taking a class in journaling and am so looking forward to this conference.  It's been so long since I have attended a conference that I wanted to go to instead of going to one just to get the credits.  I know that I will feel less guilty in December if things go good tomorrow (it's really tough do things that you need to do with out kids, especially when there are three, 19 months and under).  Thankfully, thanks to Sotorrific Twins, I have a pretty detailed schedule for her to follow.  Personally, I don't use the actual written schedule so much since I now pretty much know it by heart, but it is so good to have a schedule for someone who is babysitting.

This schedule has been a life saver getting the kids to sleep through the night.  Unfortunately, the last week or so hasn't gone as well as it did in the beginning.  I know that the twins are getting their top teeth and that they may even be growing through a growth spurt since they seem to need  a little more formula to get them through the night.  I have tried letting them cry it out and end up with 3 kids up.  I usually have a humidifier on so that their is some white noise, but that doesn't always help.  Hopefully they will sleep throught the night so that my mom can have a good day tomorrow and maybe they can get back on schedule!

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