Friday, October 30, 2009

Cold/Flu/RSV Season

Ok, so I was officially wigged out yesterday!  There's been a slight cold/runny nose going through the house since the beginning of the month.  I was sick with a cold and fever and getting sick the beginning of the month and the kids have all had runny noses for the last week or so.  Yesterday, Eva Rose started coughing and sounding weezy and raspy when she was breathing, but seemed pretty much herself otherwise.  I finally had Tom look at her to see if I was imagining things, and he heard the same thing.  I called the MD, and given that she didn't seem in any distress, we decided to hold off til this morning for an appt.  Also the MD felt that since we had been through RSV last February, we knew what to look for with regards to respiratory distress.  Well, after the doctors office closed, she started retracting when breathing.  I was having flashbacks to the whole RSV situation.  My sister (nursing student) looked at her and confirmed what we knew needed to happen.  Off to children's hospital ER!  It's amazing how traumatized I was by their RSV history.  I was tearing up on the way to the hospital, telling the current symptoms, and just walking into the bak of the ER.  Ultimately, she was evaluated and given a nebulizer, x-ray, and inhaler.  Thankfully nothing serious, like RSV, but we still need to watch her (and Thomas also).  We now have an inhaler for Eva Rose if she weezes and can give it to Thomas if he needs it.  Unfortunately, given RSV history, the chances that the twins will have asthma type symptoms with colds are increased.  g\Given their history of RSV, we are also being strongly encouraged to give the kids especially the twins H1N1 vaccine as well as the seasonal flu vaccine.  Not thrilled about the vaccine (H1N1), but I don't want them to have superimposed issues on top of the flu.

I love being a parent, but hate these issues that go along with it!


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