Thursday, May 27, 2010

16 month check up

Yesterday the twins went for their 15 month check up which was really a 16 month checkup.  Overall, they are doing great.  They are on the smaller side of the growth curve, but are following their own curve.  A few Mothers Of Twins confirmed what I kind of thought: I just have small kids.  Like one MOT said, they have energy, they don't seem like they are hungry and if they do they get food, they are meeting developmental milestones and they are following their growth curve.  I just need to get over my insecurities about making sure that I am doing the right things as a mom.

Here are the twins stats from their visit:

Eva Rose-weight 20 pounds (6-7%)
                 height 30.5 inches (which may be off since she was not cooperative) (38-39%)
                 head circumference 18.7 inches (85-87%)

Thomas-weight 21 pounds (5%)
              height 30.5 inches (20%)
              head circumference 19 inches (75%)

All 3 kids had blood work completed and overall it looks good.  The boys have Thalassemia (mediterranean anemia) and have a little low iron and may either end up with a multi-vitamin supplement/iron supplement or increase in iron rich foods.  Eva Rose's white count was a little high but better than it was at her last visit when she actually was sick.  It's just a little something that we will keep an eye on.

All this being said, I am going to let go of my issues with their weight, since they are following their growth curve.  But, I am interested in getting cookbooks for kids.  I would love a book on how to get kids to eat food that is good for them and make it fun and that the parents will enjoy also (if there is any such cookbook).  I am getting board with what I am making and would love to branch out.

Along the same lines, is there any good craft sites or books for the 16-26 month+ age range.  And, does anyone have any good suggestions for activities for kids who love to be active (climbing, always moving etc.)?  A MOT suggested gymnastics at local gym that I am going to check into.

That is our latest stats and goals.



  1. I LOVE "Hungry Monkey" and "Gastrokid Cookbook." They are both great books about raising kids to eat a varied diet of American AND ethnic foods (mini-foodies really), and both have very good recipes in them. If you search my blog, I have written about both of them on several occasions. And, I use recipes from them for my Menu Plans at least every other week (which is WAY more than I can say about any of the other cookbooks I own)! Haha.

  2. Awesome. thanks Carrie. I will definitely check them out as well as you blog.

  3. I love You can also become her fan on facebook where she takes pictures of her son's lunch everyday. Everything she does is healthy and fresh. She uses no refined sugars or anything processed. I get great ideas from her!!

    Also, my kids are little too. Bella fell off the chart at her 12 month appointment. She is only 16 pounds. Our pediatrician isn't concerned at all, so neither am I! Some people are just slim :)

  4. Amy, hi...just found your blog..I'm Esther, my twin boys are 21 months old (20 adjusted). I wanted to tell you that you are not alone in the weight department! My boys are 19lb and 20lb each at 21 months! Very very skinny boys. Patrick is very good length (50th percentile), Eric is a an inch shorter at 25th percentile. They are super healthy, though! There is just nothing that I can do to make them gain more- they are who they are. I do have them on Polivysol with Iron- since they were 5 months old actually, and it's always helped to keep their iron levels are a great level. Cookbooks? I need some myself! Great finding your are super cute!

  5. I've been there, worrying about slow gainers (Tiny finally hit 20 lbs at her 2 year well visit), and it can be tough to let go. But once I was able to, it's made mealtimes so much easier and less stressful. I make a meal and my kids either eat it, or they don't. I know they are healthy and they're meeting their milestones appropriately, so I'm done worrying about their weights. Some kids are just on the small side, and there's nothing wrong with that! :o)