Monday, May 3, 2010

Bedroom Changes

We moved Michael into a toddler bed a little bit before his 2 year birthday.  We thought that this was the best move we could make.  Initially, he loved it.  he would walk to bed climb right in and go to sleep.  He was sleeping through the night which he really wasn't doing in his crib, which is one of the reasons that we moved him.  All of a sudden about 1 month ago, he started fighting going to bed.  The only way I could get him to sleep was to lie down with him.  Then he started waking in the middle of the night and he would only go to sleep with me.  This is not how I wanted to have my kids go to sleep, but this is the only way I could get some sleep as well as him.    Another twin mom mentioned on her blog that she was taking her twins out of their cribs and putting their mattresses on the floor.  This is something from the montessori philosophy.  I am thinking about trying that, but I mentioned these difficulties to my mom this weekend and she suggested putting Michael in the room with the twins.  So, today, I moved the changing table to Michael's room and Michael's bed to the twin's room.  It will be interesting to see how bedtime goes tonight.  This may be one of the stupidest ideas that I have ever come up with or it just may work out perfect.  One reason that this may not have been the brightest move is that I have a day long conference in Boston tomorrow.  I hope that things go decent tonight!

The new set up

Michael's bed

The twin's crib

Hopefully this new set up will work!



  1. I can tell you that it worked wonders for my three. I'm sure at some point they will all want their own rooms back, but for now they are all happily sleeping peacefully through the night.

    Hope you have the same good experience.

  2. Amy, my 3 kids also share a room. We have a 2 bedroom, so we didn't have any choice but to have Jackson and the girls, months sleep in the same room. The girls were sleeping through the night early... like 6-7 weeks old, but we had them in a co-sleeper in our room until they about 6 months. We've had no issues since putting them to sleep in the same room. They also nap in the same room, they sleep just fine through each others noises.

    Good luck and be sure to keep us posted!!

  3. Hope it goes well! Since things are "rough" right now you should just take the twins out of the cribs and do it all at once. :) haha. I have been trying to group our big changes together.

  4. Thanks for all the support.

    Chantal- I have definitely thought about taking the kids out of their cribs, but we'll see.

    Merri Ann-Glad to hear it worked for you. Hopefully it will work.

    Thanks for the comment Tanya. It's always good to know when a situation like this works for others!

  5. I hope it works! Fingers crossed...