Friday, May 21, 2010

Newest Pictures

My little sister went to her senior prom tonight and we were there to take pictures.  I can't believe she is a senior and will be off to college in the fall.  While we took pictures of her, we took a ton of pictures of the kids.  Here are some of the latest pictures!

Auntie Elizabeth and Michael

Nonna Papa and the twins!

Balance Thomas Balance!


Michael in Nonna's garden

Eva Rosie girl!

So happy!

Last but not least Prom Girl and Boyfriend!

I love pictures!



  1. Elizabeth has grown up to become a beautiful young lady. I love her dress... The babies are so cute.. I think you have a deep thinker there with Michael.

  2. What lovely pictures!! It's really hard to choose, but I think the Balance and the OOOOO ones are my favorite :) (And I LOVE your sister's dress!!!!)

  3. What great photos! I especially love the one of Michael in the garden. So cute!

  4. Your little sister looks beautiful! Hope she had a blast!

  5. Such cute kids and your sister is a gorgeous girl. Congratulations to her.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my place and for your lovely comment,

  6. I love that picture of M in the garden!! That is so precious!!