Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Way Back When-esday:March for Babies

Saturday, here in Boston, is the March of Dimes March for Babies.  Since our twins were in the NICU with RSV when they were just weeks old, we have been invited to join the Children's Hospital team.  Unfortunately, I have not raised any money other than what I plan to donate myself, but that is another story.  It always amazes me to look at my kids and remember how small they were when they were first born.  Unfortunately, I was put on bed rest for about 3 months for fear of going into premature labor, had many doctors appointments, ultrasounds, and Non-stress tests, and a couple of scary times.  I was luckily given a steroid shot at week 28 to help ensure that the twins lungs would be more developed if I happened to deliver early.  I did end up delivering early, but was able to make it out of the scary danger zone.  I delivered my twins at 35 weeks at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA and they were just about 4 1/2 pounds each.  They were in a level 2 nursery and on monitors, but when I was discharged, they were able to come home with us.

Unfortunately, they ended up with RSV just a couple of weeks later (which I have probably written about way too much and won't bore people with more about RSV!).  They ended up at Children's and thankfully thrived while they were there.  I am absolutely one of the lucky ones with regards to how long I carried my twins, their size, their time at Mt Auburn and their time at Children's.  I owe so much to the great care that I received throughout my pregnancy from my OB at Fresh Pond Women's Health and my perinatologist at MGH west and the staff at Mt Auburn, as well as the twin's doctor and all the staff at Children's Hospital from the ER to the NICU. I know my donation won't be much this weekend, but I hope it helps other people that need to have their children in the NICU at Children's Hospital.

I decided that I would show pictures from when they were swaddled just a couple of days after they were born and show them now laying on those blankets that they were swaddled in.  Ok, so that was my plan, but unfortunately , after looking at pictures, I realized that i din't have any of them swaddled in these blankets.  Most likely, that is because they were always double swaddled at the hospital and the receiving blankets were always on the outside.  So I just included pictures from when they were at Mt Auburn just a couple of days old!

Eva Rose with Daddy 2 days old (most likely double swaddled)

Eva Rose laying on the blanket we used to swaddle her in almost 15 1/2 months old

Thomas being held by Daddy 2 days old (most likely double swaddled)

Thomas laying on the blanket we used to swaddle him in almost 15 1/2 months old

So my plan didn't work out like I wanted it to and you really can't see how small Thomas was, but I like the contrast between them being just a few days old and being almost 1 1/2 years old



  1. My kids spent time in the NICU at the Brigham after delivering at 34.3 weeks. It was a tough time. You must have had it really bad when they had the RSV and in the NICU with another child at home. That must have been really hard!!

    Your twins look so big! They actually look like kids! I feel like mine still look like babies. Yours are so cute!!

  2. Thanks Chantal-It was tough but they are so much stronger now! YOur kids are adorable. My twins, actually all 3 of my kids are on the smaller side, but growing at their own pace I love it!

  3. Oh Amy, so fun to see the dramatic growth! What a great way to document it...thank you so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday!

  4. Ohhh such precious pictures. I bet that was so hard to see your babies with RSV and in the NICU! Glad they are healthy as can be!

    Happy Friday to ya!