Monday, August 9, 2010

Early Intervention

We have been trying to figure out when and if an early intervention referral needs to be made for any of the kids.  At this point the only issue that we are concerned about is speech.  None of the kids seem to speak at an early age and since my husband and my little sister started speaking at closer to 2 1/2 and 3, we weren't that concerned.  Now that Michael is nearing the 2 1/2 age and is speaking more, but only still saying 1 word at a time, we decided that it would be important to have him evaluated and at the same time have the twins evaluated since they really aren't talking either.  I know a ton of people in my twins group have had EI for quite some time and for all sorts of developmental delays and they have, for the most, part been really satisfied with the service and felt that their kids really benefitted.  Today, I made the referral to our local EI office and will here back from them in 7-10 day regarding an evaluation.

At this point I think things are fine with all 3 kids, just a slight delay in their speech.  I have to admit though, I am a little worried that they will find out that there is something more to be concerned with.  If there is, I know that it is better to know now and get the assistance that is needed, but it is a little scary to think that maybe there is more to the delay than just late speech.  I am also feeling a little guilty since another twin mom pointed out that kids are finished with EI at 3.  That  means that Michael will be in it for all of 6 months if he is found eligible.  I'm sure that there is follow up after EI, I just don't know what.

There are all sorts of questions that I have regarding EI.  I am hoping that my twins group will be a great resource for all of my questions.  I definitely tend to think about the worst possible outcome, I just try not to obsess about it!  I'm sure that I will find support in my twins group for this, as they have been really helpful in the past for me and for others with questions regarding many topics.

Right now, we are just waiting to schedule an evaluation for all 3 kids.  I am going to just wait for that and not think about the worst outcome of the eval.  I will just wait and see where it brings us!



  1. We love our EI time! We have 2 people that each come out once a week to work with Bryson and his gross motor (which he just started walking a couple days ago! yay!). There are a lot of different things they do with the kidlets. There are even playgroups that they can go to through EI. Once they hit the 3 mark they can also help get him into a "school" type program that is also run through the state which is where he can continue to get services, if he qualifies. I think qualification at this point has to have them 6 months delayed. It will be interesting just having them evaluated and seeing where they are on the benchmarks. They also point out a lot of things that the kids are doing that are a milestone and I didn't even recognize it! It will be a cool experience.

  2. We've loved our experiences with EI as well. But I will say, that I it was hard to hear that Buba had some fine and gross motor delays when we had signed him up for an eval because we had concerns about speech and language. Still, all of his service providers were fabulous and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

    If Michael qualifies for services, and then still qualifies at age 3, they'll transition him over to your town's public preschool program. Public school starts at age 3 for kids with delays, so they'll be responsible for continuing his services. So it's definitely not a bad thing to get him going with EI (if he qualifies), because the services won't end. It's just that the service providers will change.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions or want to talk more after the kids have their evals.

  3. I know the feeling...I felt exactly the same way heading into our eval. But try and relax and just let them give you an assessment. It's their job to pick up on what's normal and what's not so normal. It's your job to love your kids and do the best you can for them...which is exactly what you are doing :)