Monday, August 16, 2010


So, we are back to the never ending issue of my kids being on the bottom end of the growth curve, especially with weight and especially with my daughter.  I know, someone needs to be at the bottom, but this time I thought that she would have at least continued to maintain her own curve not lose 5% (7th% to 2nd%).  The thing is, she was weighed on a different scale, so that could be the issue.  At her 15 month visit she was weighed on the baby scale because she refused to stand on the adult scale.  At the time her weight seemed normal, but now, I'm not sure what to think.  I am not really worried because I know that they are eating.  Could the 3 of them eat better and more healthy?  Oh yeah!  They hate their veggies, but I bought Deceptively Delicious at the recommendation from my doctor.  Basically, I am going to be sneaking veggies into foods and still offering them the real thing, that way if they refuse to eat say their broccoli, I know that they got cauliflower in something else with out even knowing it.

On another note, we have our EI evals starting Wed!  It certainly seems like it is going to be very involved. Wed, we have 3 clinicians coming to our house for the initial eval process, then Thursday we have another one or two (can't remember) coming for my older son, then next week we have 4 coming for the twins and that is just to see if they qualify (which I think they will).  Their language development which is getting better, is still quite a bit behind (at least I think so), then there is the potential growth issue with Eva Rose.  I think otherwise it is just speech, but you never know what they will see and maybe they all won't qualify, but I'm sure that Michael will!

Crazy times as usual!  But it is all so good!



  1. I use deceptively delicious and the meatloaf is DELICIOUS!!! We make it all the time. Hailey is probably on the bottom of the growth curve as well as she is weighing in at maybe 22 pounds and she's 2 years old. You're right...someone has got to be there, right? Good luck with the evaluations!

  2. Ok, I have a comment for you, lady!

    I know how this goes. We have been trying to eat better, much better, in fact. One of our kids loves to eat well and is only in the 6% for weight. The dr. is not pleased, because he is in the 50% for height. What to do, what to do? He wants me to feed him all of the junk that we stopped buying. Great!? Really??? Um, I am giving him whole milk(organic). I am trying to get him to eat a little more, but other than that I am not pushing him. He was upset when I told him the dr. wanted him to gain weight. He is almost 8. He sees society and no one ever wants to GAIN weight. Anyway, keep your chin up. If you know they are eating, you are doing just fine. She may just end up being small. I wouldn't worry too much about it!

  3. Thanks for the comments. In reality, I know that I probably just have small kids! The doctor really wasn't too concerned since it was a different scale. Also, none of my kids look like they are sickly. Growing up, my younger sister was small and sickly. None of my kids are sickly looking or acting. It's just frustrating not to see the gains when you know tht they are eating!

  4. At their last dr. visit, H. and S. were less than 5% for weight and over 70% for height. At 5 years old, they weight about 31 lbs and are 42 inches tall. They take after me, and my mother, and my grandmother. I've been "underweight" all of my life. I only became "average" weight after I had the twins and didn't lose all of the weight I put on during pregnancy. The girls and I have always been perfectly healthy.

    Fortunately, their pedi took one look at me and said it was genetics. He never suggested putting extra weight on them. We eat healthy foods with plenty of treats thrown into the mix. I'm glad that they will know how to eat healthy as they grow up and that they won't need to struggle with their weight as they get older.

    A book that might actually make you feel better is How to Get Your Kids to Eat but Not Too Much by Ellyn Satter. Her credentials are in nutrition and social work and she's a eating disorder/feeding specialist. She has a few other books and a website as well: