Sunday, October 17, 2010

Makes My Monday: First haircut!

I finally decided that it was time for Thomas to get his first haircut.  He is almost 21 months and finally has enough hair, but the little length on the bottom was looking a little shabby.  I was hoping to get him to get long enough hair to have curls, but even though the boys have curls, they are just not good looking enough to let their hair grow.  Like we did with Michael, we took Thomas to a barber shop in Cambridge.  Now tom and the 2 boys will get their hair cut at the same place.  Thomas got his hair cut on Saturday and actually did great for getting his haircut for the first time.  Michael still cries and he has had 4 haircuts.  He even cried when we went into the barber shop Saturday, afraid he would have to get a haircut again.  A lollipop settled him right down!  This was the first time he and the twins had a lollipop and they loved it!


During, doing ok!


Lollipops make everything better!

Lollipops for the 1st time all around.

The boys have all had a real haircut, but not Eva Rose.  Mom just cleaned up her bangs a little, but it made a huge difference, not that you can tell by these pictures!


  1. Oh Amy, I love your little row of lollipop lickers! (and I think your boys are SUPER handsome...never been a huge fan of the curls on little boys anyway...think their haircuts are PRECIOUS!)

    Your documenting the occasion, and playing along, Makes My Monday!

  2. They are so cute!! One of my twins does not mind haircuts. The other can not stand it. Hope you have great week.

  3. The photos are adorable! I've lost count of how many cuts the boys have had- and they're only 15 months! They have really curly hair, and a lot of it, so we have no choice but to cut it every so often.

  4. Thomas looks so cute with is big boy haircut! I've been wanting to take Buba for months, but T really doesn't want me to cut it. He says the shaggy look is back in. Whatever. But I feel like I make so many decisions about our kids that he agrees to (or at least goes along with) that this is one I will honor for him. For a while anyway...