Monday, October 4, 2010

Makes My Monday: Talking

We have recently started with early intervention for all 3 kids for speech.  All 3 kids were really saying very little for their age and we have even had to check to see if there is a hearing issue that is causing the speech delay.  So far 2 have been tested and we know that hearing loss is not the reason for the delay for those 2, but my daughter has some loss with high frequency sounds.  We never realized that her intubation with her RSV could have caused issues with her hearing.  We are going back in a couple of months to make sure that the test was correct and then I guess we have to have her followed for this issue.

EI is  going really well, and we have seen some really good progress over the last couple of weeks.  This weekend, we took the kids to the Deerfield Fair in NH.  While we had the kids in the oxen barn, Thomas my younger twins said "cow".  He's never said it before and then all 3 kids were able to say it along with sheep later in the day.  I am so glad that we are seeing progress so quickly.  I just hope that it continues.

Talking totally makes my Monday!

Thomas petting the calf

Eva Rose petting the calf

Michael petting the calf



  1. Words are a Monday Maker for sure! Please try not to be alarmed....Einstein said NOTHING til age 3! ;) Speech onset is varied...if their hearing proves A-OK, there is not too much cause for panic. (No one will EVER ask when they began to speak fluently. :) Just we mommies and daddies so concerned with all the markers. :) )

    You and your gorgeous family Make My Monday!

  2. What great news! So glad to hear that you're finding EI to be helpful! I'm sure they'll be talking your ear off in no time. :o)