Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was Michael's first day at preschool.  It started of fine, even though we needed to wake Michael up.  I feel like I have a teenager already and he is only 3.  He likes to stay up late and sleep late in the morning.  I guess payback really is a bitch (both me and my husband never liked to go to be or get up early. I still don't like to get up early).  We were able to get him up, fed, and dressed on time for the bus.  For the first day, we had to pack wipes, a couple of diapers (yes the school is letting us cloth diaper him), a wet bag for the diapers, an extra set of clothes, and his lunch bag.  By the time everything was packed, the backpack almost made him topple over.  The bus showed up, and as I walked him out, I started crying, the twins started crying (probably because I wouldn't let them come out of the house), and as Michael got on the bus he started crying.  I was prepared for this to happen, but it didn't make it any easier.  I got a call from the school nurse and talked to her about Michael's dairy issue and the fact that it was probably more of an intolerance than an actual allergy.  We talked about getting him allergy tested, but I have heard that there are lots of false positive/negatives at this age and we have seen so many changes after we stopped dairy, that I am just more inclined to eliminate dairy from his diet without getting confirmation from a test.  During this phone call she reported that Michael stopped crying soon after the bus pulled away from the house (he will still cry once in a while when I leave for work and he is home with his dad) and that he was outside playing with his classmates.

He was dropped of at the house around 11:00 and looked so happy.  I decided to take them out to lunch and called Nonna and Papa to come to lunch with us.  Unfortunately my mom was only off for the morning as she had her appointment to schedule her chemo and was going back to work, but my stepfather joined us.  I decided to trial pizza.  At first I was just going to give them macaroni, but figured I would see how they responded to cheese.  All three kids were so well behaved at Prince Pizza.  They ate a ton of food and sat in their seats even though they were not buckled in.  We then needed to drive around since the twins fell asleep and I didn't want to risk waking them.  When we got home I noticed that Michael was starting to have the raspy breathing again and at night Eva Rose was snoring more than usual.  I don't know if the cheese was the cause, but at least for Michael, I believe that the cheese was the cause of his breathing change.  I really want to watch what he eat since I think he has more of an intolerance to dairy than the other two.

Bedtime was the normal routine and all 3 kids pretty much went to bed the same way they always do.  Thomas and Eva Rose climbed into their beds and went right to sleep with no intervention.  Michael, on the other hand, decided to strip out of his pajamas and his diaper.  Tom went in and put his diaper back on.  We haven't always been putting his pajamas back on since we figured that maybe he was just warm.  At some point he took his diaper off again and at 12:30 I had to get up and change his bed since he wet the bed.  With new sheets and a new diaper, he went back to sleep fairly quickly.  This morning was pretty much the same routine.  Michael cried as he got on the bus and I got teary eyes.  The bus driver said that he will pretty much stop crying by the time they are at the end of our short street.  I'm sure that things will get easier as time goes on and I know that he will love it more and more!

Waiting for the bus



  1. {{{{HUGS}}}} It will get easier each day. He looks so adorable with his little backpack on looking out the window for the bus...

  2. It brought tears to my eyes reading this! Bless your heart! I am sure it will get better, but still! Hugs to you!

    On another note so glad it is going well once he gets there! Very adorable pictures!

  3. A bus to preschool! That's crazy...I might cry too! It will get better...this dairy thing is interesting though (in a totally annoying "I'm sure you want some answers" way).

  4. That's incredible! They have a bus that will take him to preschool? I suppose that makes it much easier on you to not have to get three kids out the door to drop him off. I'm impressed that he cried so little. It took Buba 8 weeks to let me drop him off at his EI playgroup (although he was just over 2 when we started). It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for Michael. I'm sure he will learn so much!