Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ideas To Do With Kids

I am terrible at coming up with creative things to do with the kids.  They don't really like to sit still for long, so reading a book, doing a craft, anything that requires sitting for a period of time is tough.  I am looking forward to the warmer weather so that we can go to the park and they can get some of their energy out and maybe then we can do some sitting activities.  One of my friends over at has some really great creative ideas that I really need to try out.  I am hoping that she will share some of her sources for these creative ideas.  One of my goals is to spark my kids creative imagination and help to maintain it.  I also want to provide educational things for them and make it a fun way to learn.  I'm still getting used to Michael's new schedule with pre-school , but I think that once i get used to his schedule, I will be making  up a schedule for us so that we can have fun, do some educational things, and get these kids to do more than jus trun amd jump and climb and move.  Maybe while Michael is at pre-school I can go to the book store with just the twins, though I have to say I took just the twins grocery shopping today and it wasn't that much easier.  I am going to pick up the book "Rainbow Fish" and attempt to do an activity from

Any suggestion for fun things to do with active toddlers/preschoolers are more than welcome.  Any ideas on how to get them to sit and listen to a story are very much needed!


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  1. I've been terrible about getting crafty with my kids, but we do very well with books. Do your kids have any favorite books? If so, I'd start with those. Even if you have to read them a thousand times, it will help get them used to sitting down and reading. I remember there was a period where my guys were less interested in books than they had been. I found that if I just sat down with one of their books and started reading, they'd come over to see what was going on. Also, letting them choose their own books at the library has been fun. They love to have me read the ones that they specifically chose. Good luck and happy reading!