Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Way Back When-esday: RSV Twins

I'm joining along with Cheryl over at for Way Back When-esday.

Just a little over 2 years ago my twins were discharged from the NICU at CHildren's Hospital Boston after their bout with RSV.  They both came home with me when I was discharged 5 days after their birth, but that didn't last long.  My son was admitted after being home for about 2 weeks and my daughter was admitted 1 week later.  My son was rushed from his 2 week doctor appointment when he declined to the point that the doctor called 911.  Luckily my older son who was drinking his formula from a glass bottle dropped it and it broke.  That delayed things to the point of my son declining at the doctors instead of in the car on the way to a local ER.  Thankfully he was only intubated for 24 hours, but was in the hospital for 3 weeks.  1 week later, we brought his sister to Children's ER and she was immediately brought back to a room from triage due to an episode of apnea while being triaged.  They tried to use a CPAP machine initially instead of intubating her, but it just wasn't giving her enough oxygen.  She was ultimately intubated and got an NG tube.  Unfortunately, unlike her brother she was intubated for 6 days until she decided she had had enough and pulled her tube out.  The next day she pulled her feeding tube out.  My son was supposed to be discharged on the next Friday, but he had a period of tachycardia the night before, so that delayed his discharge.  He ended up being discharged with his sister on Monday which pretty much ended up being their due date.  When I think back, I am almost sorry that they came home with me.  I sometimes wonder if they would have been better off staying in the hospital getting a little bigger and a littler stronger. Maybe then they wouldn't have gotten the RSV.  They say that sometimes kids who have RSV can end up with breathing problems later on.  So far, we have been really lucky and have only had 1 scare where we needed to bring my daughter to the ER for difficulty breathing.  Luckily, we were sent home with just an inhaler, which she really hasn't needed to use.  We have been extremely lucky with all 3 kids regarding illness.  Other then my daughter, we have only had to ring my older son to the ER 1 time just after the twins were born.  I am very thankful that my 3 children are healthy babies.  I hope they stay that way, though I still do get a little nervous when the twins get colds!

3 days before Thomas was admitted with RSV

At home the day after discharge in their preemie outfits that were still too big

The twins 3/9/2009

Thanks for looking at my way back when pictures!


  1. Wow! Bless you and their hearts! So glad everything turned out well! That RSV is ugly stuff! Thanks for visting my blog and your sweet words! I am your newest follower! I look forward to following along!

    Your kids are precious!

  2. Oooof Amy, how terrifying! Isn't it amazing what we all make it through? Helps us realize how very blessed we are, doesn't it?

    Thank you for sharing such vivid and now triumphant WBW stories!

  3. oh my goodness! what a rough start!! Glad they are healthy and happy now!

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday!