Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Mom's Cancer Update

I found out on my twins 2nd birthday (January 23, 2011) that my mom's mammogram showed a lump in her left breast.  This is the same one that my grandmothers breast cancer started in.  She has since had a biopsy which revealed that the tumor was 0.9 cm (about 3/4 in) and they removed 3 inches of tissue.  The pathology report stated that she has stage 1 grade 2 breast cancer.  This means that the tumor was small but semi aggressive and definitely invasive.  This meant that they recommended and MRI to r/o any metastases as well as a lymph node biopsy.  She was unable to complete the MRI with out getting sick, so that is one test that they are unable to do for her.  Today was her lymph node biopsy.  I guess, yesterday they injected her with a dye that would tell the surgeon what nodes to remove if any.  My step-father said that the most the surgeon would take out would be 2 nodes, but they ended up only needing to take out 1 node.  I guess that is a good sign.  Now we just have to wait for this pathology report.  As for treatment options, it really depends on the lymph node biopsy.  If the biopsy comes back with cancer, then they are recommending 8 treatments of chemotherapy, then 5 days a week for 6 weeks of radiation.  If the biopsy comes back without cancer, then she can choose either 4 treatments of chemotherapy and then the same radiation treatment or she can choose just to have radiation.  At least one of my sisters and I are thinking that she should do the combo treatment and hopefully knock the cancer out of her system no matter what the results of the biopsy are.  We also think that she can do conventional treatment along with CAM therapies (complementary and alternative medicine). 

Because of this and the other cancers and heart disease in my family I am attempting to get a little healthier.  One day I will be able to say that I am eating the way I want to be eating and exercising like I should be!  The warm weather can't come fast enough.  Maybe this is the push I need to get rid of this baby weight (ok teh baby weight is gone,  this is jsut my fat)!



  1. Okay, so some of that is good news, right?

    I applaud your efforts to get healthier...our CSA starts today and I am so freaking happy to get back to farm-fresh fruits/veggies.

    Really happy to hear that things are moving along with your Mom...I'm sure this scared the crap out of you.

  2. Thinking good thoughts for your mom...

  3. Saying healing prayers for your mom.

    I also have a history of cancer in my family and have decided to change my eating habits. I laughed at your comment "Maybe this is the push I need to get rid of this baby weight (ok teh baby weight is gone, this is jsut my fat)!" Sounds like me. I say that I have to get rid of my baby fat... LOL Remind you my babies are almost 14 and almost 19. :-)