Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life After Having Kids

Having three kids in 10 1/2 months has been a crazy but awesome ride.  Before you have kids, you think you know it all.  Then you have kids and, at least for me, everything I thought I knew was totally turned on it's head.  So many of my goals with having kids have not been met, natural childbirth, breast feeding, etc.  I now realize that as natural as somethings are, there are things that get in the way.  It doesn't make me a failure, it just is a learning experience and just a different way of doing things.

One thing that I truly believed would happen, is that I would all of a sudden have all these new mom friends, especially having twins.  Even though I have met a lot of great people (since having kids), I haven't formed the friendships that I had hoped to form after having kids.  Maybe it's just too soon.  Maybe once the kids are in school.  Michael is in school, but the kids in his class, like him, have developmental delays and I don't know if that makes a difference, but he has not made the friends that I had hoped.  I did miss a birthday party this summer for one of the little girls in his class.  I was horrified that I didn't see the invite until school started in September.  I would have loved for him to have gone to the party.

Life is crazy with 3 little kids.  It's definitely getting easier with them getting older.  I have more free time that I can do other things instead of having to do everything thing for them.  They can play by themselves more often when we are at the park and, at least for my twins, they find friends to play with.  Michael is a little different story.  He tends to play by himself not really interacting with other kids, even when my husband and I intervene and try to initiate interaction.

I have talked a little here about how I am disappointed with the amount of comments that I get on different social media sites.  I just want to make sure that I am really appreciative of anyone that takes time to read wether they post a comment or not.  It just frustrates me that I comment n other peoples posts on different social media sites, but it doesn't seem to be reciprocal.  I wouldn't mind so much, but certain people comment on other peoples posts.  I think, at this point, I have resigned myself to the fact that they are just not going to comment and I need to let it go.  I am going to keep posting on different social media sites and if I get comments, awesome!  If I don't get comments, no big deal!  Maybe one day something will resonate with someone and they will comment or maybe what I write will resonate and they won't comment, but it will make a difference for someone.

I am going to keep trying to meet new people, broaden my social circles as best I can and I'm sure in time, I'll meet more people and have friends who I have things in common with.  I would love to have more friends who create, so maybe I need to join a guild or something similar.  I tend to be more introverted and shy.  I like small groups, not large groups.  I like to have a few really close friends not a lot of acquaintances (which is what I feel like I have now).  I need to be better at talking to people and socializing.  It's not easy (given that I'm a social worker, you would think that talking to people would be easy), but it's something I need to do!



  1. Come to my knitting guild with me..Next meeting is Oct 11th if you are interested. : )

  2. I wish we lived closer!! We would get along so well! ;)