Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Michael's 2 year appointment

Michael had his 2 year well baby check up yesterday.  He measured in pretty much where I thought.  He was 34 1/2" and 24 pounds.  He is still on the small side but is growing on his growth curve.  I just have small kids.  Michael was not a happy camper at this appointment, but to his credit he had never been examined by this doctor before.  (His regular doctor is out on maternity leave and we are so happy for her.  She gave birth to a little girl about 3 weeks ago.  This is after she went into early labor about 1 year ago and her twin boys did not survive.)  Along with that, the doctor was running late and Michael was ready be on his way.  Needless to say, the appointment was not fun and thankfully, I only had Michael.  We talked about early intervention for Michael and his speech delay.  I think we may just watch him for a few more months and then see what happens.  Maybe we will still do the evaluation and see where it takes us.  We also talked about maybe a food sensitivity being the cause of all 3 kids yeasty/rashy bottoms.  Since dairy seems to be the biggest thing that all 3 kids take in, I am stopping that first.  It seems to be going ok converting over to an alternate form of milk ie: almond milk or rice milk.  I could try soy, but that is on the allergen-sensitivity list and since dad is allergic/sensitive to soy, I decided that soy is not the best alternative to try.  Now since alternate milk forms are more expensive and have all sorts of potential additives to it, I may try to make my own rice milk.

We go back to the doctors for the twins 15 month appointment next in May.  Unfortunately, the kids doctor is not going to be back yet, but hopefully she will be back for their 18 month appointment and maybe Michael's 2 1/2 month appointment if we don't decide to go with an early intervention evaluation.



  1. Tyler and Michaela both drank soy milk and rice milk when they were little. Michaela still does and Tyler drinks Lactaid (since he is lactose intolerant). I am not too sure if he still will drink soy. I only drink soy milk (as I am lactose intolerant also). Did you think about powdered milk? I know it sounds gross but it doesn't contain lactose (of course that is if lactose is the cause of the yeasty/rashy bums).

  2. It's funny, I didn't think of Michael as being little, but that's probably because he's basically the same size as Buba! Good luck with the change in milk. I hope that will help solve the problem. Rashy bottoms are no fun for anyone.