Monday, March 1, 2010

More on Sleeping

So it's been about one week since Michael changed from his crib to his toddler bed.  Like always, the first three nights or so went fabulous.  Michael walked himself to bed at 8:15, climbed in, and then went right to sleep.  This was way better than when he was in his crib.  Then all of a sudden, he decided that he didn't want to sleep anymore.  He now has decided that it is more fun to get out of ad bang on the door and scream and cry.  I did read my healthy sleep habits, happy baby, and Weissbluth states that when transitioning to a toddler bed and the child gets out of bed, one should put the child back to bed without talking to the child.  So, every night, I give Michael some time crying to see if he will get back in bed by himself.  Pretty much every time, I go in, and sometimes it is so difficult not to laugh because he is so damn cute, I pick him up, put him back to bed and no talking.  Usually, Michael screams and cries and sometimes I need to put him back to bed more than once.  But once I get him back in bed, he will cry for a short time, and then he is off to sleep for the night.  It's amazing, but he almost sleeps better now that he is in a bed.  I am hoping that once he gets used to sleeping in his bed, and from what I have heard it takes a couple of weeks, he will go to bed with less and less hassle.  As for the twins, they are going to bed great around 7:30 and pretty much sleep through the night.  If they wake, it's usually a diaper change and maybe some tylenol, since they are both teething and then it's off to bed.  I am so happy that they are all sleeping through the night for the most part.  It took some time to get here, but I think we did what was best for our kids.  It's great that there are all these books out there, blogs, and in my case, my twin group.  I took all the advice that I got and figured out what works best for out family.  I think that we are in a good place, even though there are still those tiring times, you can get through it because you trust yourself!

My sweet Michael in his new bed (we just took the crib down)

My pretty little girl

My adorable baby boy


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