Wednesday, March 24, 2010

way Back When-esday

My cousin was over last week and hadn't seen the kids for a couple of months.  One of her first comments when she saw Eva Rose was "She's a mini Amy!"  My cousin is 10 years older than I am and often use to babysit for me when I was little.  My mom has thought that she looks like me since Eva Rose was just a few months old.

What do you think?

Eva Rose 3/20/2010

Amy July 1974



  1. I think Eva Rose and Michael look just like you... Thomas looks more like his dad...

  2. Wow, she looks pretty darned similar to the baby in the photo!

  3. OMIGOSH! Uncanny simnilarity all around! AND congrats! You won the giveaway! Thanks so much for playing along with Way Back Whenesday!

    Send me a mailing address to which you'd like the book sent, and I'll get it in the mail this week! [cheryl at twinsights dot com]