Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Was that actually the sun today?

So for the last 3 days, here in New England, it's been pouring rain.  We got so much rain that school had to close due to flooding issues.  Thankfully, at my house, we only got a little bit of water in our basement but, we have a sump pump that has been going constantly.  Today we finally had 50 degrees and sun.  Unfortunately, I had errands to do this morning then it was nap time, so we only got a little bit of outdoor time.  One of the errands was to return a birthday gift and get something new and then get more bubbles.  We spent about 1-2 hours outdoors blowing bubbles and playing with the new bubble lawn mower that we got today.  Thankfully all week is supposed to be sunny and warm.  My goal is to go to the park tomorrow and/or go for a walk.

the new bubble lawn mower

attempting to blow bubbles

I don't usually post pictures of myself, but this shows the bubbles

I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of the week!



  1. I just love when it's time to get back outdoors. I have a whole new appreciation of it now that I live in a place that actually has weather.

    Sounds like you had a fun day...

  2. PS I really like the new background!!

  3. Thanks Merri Ann. I love butterflies!

  4. I too am loving this weather!

    Just wondering- does your bubble mower actually blow bubbles? We got the same one last summer, but it didn't really blow bubbles. The kids still loved pushing it around, so I didn't take it back. I'm wondering if they were maybe not big enough or strong enough last year to get it going to the bubble blowing point. We'll have to get it out again this spring and see if there is any difference.

  5. It does blow bubbles, but I think you have to get it moving pretty fast. I would try it again this year.

  6. Hi Amy, I'm sorry to not respond .. I just today saw that you were replying to comments in your comment section. I wasn't looking back at your old posts.