Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Little Insecure?

I didn't start this blog to get followers or have the most comments written, but still, I'm wondering if it is even worth writing this anymore.  I have all of 31 followers and I get 1 maybe 2 comments, and on a good day, I may get 4.  I know that I don't probably spend enough time out commenting on others blogs, but I try to do what I can.  Maybe there is a different or better way to meet people through blogging?  

The main reason I started this blog was to document the craziness of everyday life with 3 kids so close in age.  I guess on some level, I wish that I had more followers and more people to comment on the things I write.  Maybe, it's because I don't write things that are interesting enough, maybe it's because I'm not interacting with other bloggers enough,  maybe it's just because...... who knows and I probably shouldn't care but I do.

I guess I just need to get over it and realize that this blog and any other blog that I write is just for me.  Again, I never intended to have crazy followers, but it always feels good to have people follow you and comment on things you write.

As I write this, I am wondering if I should even actually post this, but one other thing that I wanted from this blog was a place to be honest about my feelings.  So here it is, do I need to just change my way of looking at why I blog and focus it more for me, or do I change how I write and what I do with other bloggers and hope that I get more followers and commenters?  A little bit of both?



  1. I think we all get like this sometimes. I was shocked that my post about losing my underwires was met with more comments than my post about infertility. IDK what it is, but I can't find a trend...I really can't.

    I do it for myself. I need therapy. We all need therapy, so this is my free therapy. Also, I have a crap memory, so I post little things to remember too. Use it for what YOU want...not for others.

  2. I enjoy writing, which is why I started my blog... but I too get discouraged sometimes. I think I have a really great topic and end up with one or two comments, while some random post of mine will have tons of comments. I say stick with what you want to do. Plus, there are likely "lurkers" who read your posts but don't regularly comment.

  3. yep. I could have written this post. :)

    I've had to tell myself a few times that I'm writing for myself and it doesn't matter if I get comments or not. And then I remind myself that I started it to document what's going on since my paper journaling wasn't going well.

    Keep in mind that people are reading - even if they aren't commenting :)

  4. Hmm...I thought I had posted a comment a few days ago, but it's not here. Well, I came back to pass along a funny. My hubby reads my blog periodically (once a month maybe?). Today, he was playing "catch-up" and asked "Does anyone comment on your blog?" My response was "everyone once in a while I'll get a comment or two." His reply "You write about boring stuff." Gee, thanks!