Friday, November 26, 2010

Feeling Somewhat Better

I posted a few days ago that I was starting to wonder if it was worth conintuing to write this blog.  Mainly this was do to my lack of followers and people who comment.  I totally realize that this blog is for me and if people read it and comment on it great.  If there are not a ton of followers or coments made so be it.  I got a few comments from people saying that they to don't always get coments or have the biggest following, but they write for them.  I need to remember this.  Also, people have reminded me that just because people don't comment of follow, doesn't mean that they don't read your blog.  The funny thing is, after I wrote that post and got some of those comments, a friend mentioned that she reads my blog often.  She has never commented, but she reads my blog!

I think part of these insecurities come from never really having a ton of friends.  I have always had a couple of very close friends and a bunch of aquaintences, but never a huge friend base.  I guess, I thought that maybe as an adult things would change.  I thought, maybe I'd be more likely to open myself up and be more friendly than she and quiet.  I thought having kids would make things easier.  Unfortunately, none of these are true.  I have met some great people/aquaintences between grad school, work, and being a mom, I just haven't really made the friends that I thought I would.  There are a lot of these people that I would consider a friend, but unfortunately I don't think that the feelings are mutual.  I know having 3 little ones so close in age may be making things a little more difficult.  I know that my shyness tends to be a major limiting factor.  I know that people's busy schedules play a huge role.  But, I also know that there are plenty of people in my situation that have made friends, close friends, not just aquaintences.  Maybe as I get more comfortable in my own skin and I open up and become a little more extroverted, maybe then I'll be able to make soem close friendships and not just have aquaintences!



  1. I don't have a ton of friends either, but I've learned that sometimes that's better. I'm involved in much less drama than other women! Thank God!!!!

    Yes, do the blog for's there that you'll find your best writing! I use it for free therapy!

  2. The first year or so, I felt like I never really had time for friends new or old. I'm just now beginning to feel like I have time for adult social activities, but I only feel motivated for those once or twice a month. I just don't have the energy and feel bad when I can't keep up in a friendship.

    Try not to feel discouraged. Friendships take time and effort, which isn't always easy to come by when you're busy with little ones.