Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This year, I decided that I needed to get more involved with my twin's group, so I decided to be the COPE co-chair.  COPE is a monthly informal support type group.  We get together to help with issues that we are facing or just to get out and be with other moms.  I haven't quite decided how things are going.  Part of me is concerned that I am not doign enough and that I should do more.  Then this month's meeting in in West Newton, which is just too far of a drive for me after work.  By the time I got there, it would be almost time to leave.  These things have got me wondering if I should step down and see if someone else wants to be the co-chair, or if things are going ok as they are.  I guess I should probably talk to the other co-chair to see how she is feeling.  I should make sure that this isn't just all in my head. 

Sometimes, I wonder if I am active enough, or friendly enough, or just too quiet.  I would love to have more playdates for the kids and for me, but somehow my schedule or somethign else seems to get in the way of getting out there and being with other moms and kids.  Ireally need to get to the library in town.  Actually, tomorrow, I am going to try to get there in the morning, so that the kids can play.  I also want to sign up for their story time so that we can start meeting more people in my town.  Also, I think I should maybe I should put myself out there and see if people want to come over our house.  Our house is just so small and cluttered, that I sometimes wonder if it's even worth having people over.  But, maybe that's part of the problem.  Maybe I don't invite people over enough.

Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive and I just need to stop over thinking things.  Life's too short to worry about stupid things.  I just need to be a little better at putting myself out there and I need to stop being so introverted at times!


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  1. Definitely check out anything going on at your public library. That's where I met all of Tiny and Buba's in-town friends, and they're the ones we see most often.

    I think the whole co-chair thing is good because it allows for you and your partner to share the load, so you don't have to be at every meeting or be the one to post every event. I think it's great that you stepped up to do something to help out the club, and it's also a good way to meet other moms. I don't really see any of the moms who go to BK COPE aside from the meetings, but I always enjoy the conversations we have once a month.